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Love your style,
beyond the clothes

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"Unparalleled success,
more fun and
new-found freedom"

Style Consultancy

Est 2010

Style runs much deeper
than just clothes

You’ve arrived here because you want a Personal Stylist and Shopper who looks beyond current trends and fads to curate a wardrobe for you that is creative, modern and workable.

You’re tired of treating clothes like a commodity. You know they're something more than a throw away item and you want more than that.

You want your clothes to make you feel great but at the end of the day you want to feel aligned with yourself; nuanced, effortless, thoughtful.

My roster of clients may be varied in life experience but share the same intelligent mindset - that image is important.

Here’s what we can achieve together:


By finding a style you love and are proud of, so dressing is effortless. There is alchemy in a wardrobe but it’s not just about clothes and neat rails; it’s about so much more. It’s about getting back the joy of getting dressed and transferring that positivity into your everyday life.


By knowing you look and feel the part, you're connected. Style and confidence are inextricably linked; if you are happy with the way you look and the way you present yourself, you will enjoy unparalleled success, more fun and new-found freedom.


By having a wardrobe that is more efficient and organised, you will not only find getting dressed simpler but you will streamline your purchasing process and power, your morning routine and your life! 

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I leverage my extensive expertise and innate creativity to meet the unique needs of my clients who have trusted me for over 15 years, to help them get dressed with comfort, ease and style.

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My clients enjoy clear and concise wardrobes that they know how to wear. Getting dressed is streamlined and time efficient with the use of our exclusive virtual  wardrobe app that makes staring at your wardrobe with frustration a thing of the past. Lifestyle categories are populated with complete styled outfits making selecting an outfit pleasurable and getting dressed convenient.

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With a deeper understanding of who you are and what you value, I will review, edit and outfit to maximise and expand your wardrobe.

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Armed with a targeted shopping list, your existing wardrobe will be enhanced with targeted foundational items and elevated updates.

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The decision of what to wear is removed from your daily routine as head to toe styling options are photographed and loaded onto your virtual wardrobe.


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Client Experiences


Magazine Editor, London

"I love clothes but can be quite lazy about my appearance and I've just taken on a project that means I need to be a bit more considered. I needed a fresh look at my wardrobe, to consider how I wanted to present myself and I found Penny to be unsurpassed at this.

She helped me focus on how I wanted to look and what I wanted to present. By thinking of three adjectives moving forward we went through my wardrobe and she helped me put together outfits that made me feel put together, approachable and with authority. It was exactly what I needed.

I cannot recommend her more. I had been worried that she'd tell me I had to start again from scratch but she worked with me, what I had, explained colour to me for my skin tones and generally left me feeling excited about what I had, with an idea of what would successfully enhance my wardrobe and confident about the future."


Head of Fashion, Grazia Magazine

"What a worthwhile day with Penny. She has a faultless eye and really understood where I needed help and where my wardrobe required an update. The colour work was brilliant and has really changed the way I approach shopping! Her styling has really shown me how to accentuate my best bits. One piece she recommended I haven’t taken off. I would definitely recommend working with Penny - it is time well invested. And to top it all off, she is a really great gal. I will be spending more time with her in the future. Put her on your speed dial!"


Busy Mum, London

"I’m a busy woman looking after my family and I wanted a wardrobe that required no effort but allowed me to look put together, pragmatic and stylish. I often dress in a hurry, and I hate thinking about clothes... which means that, even though I have lots of clothes, I often wear the same outfits either because they're comfortable or I know they 'work'. I was in a mid-40's rut.
I’d worked with a stylist before and although I enjoyed the shopping appointment, it all felt a bit fussy and un workable in my wardrobe.

I had a call with Penny and she quickly understood what I wanted to achieve and I knew the Complete Style Experience was the going to get me the results I was looking for. 

Penny’s process is very holistic and she took the time to get to know me, my style and what I needed from my clothes. After an edit she identified what from my existing wardrobe could be reworked and given an update with some new additions.

Penny shops in the most efficient way, my curated selection was ready for me when I arrived at the store and I had fun trying the looks and exploring new styles and brands.

Penny loaded my virtual wardrobe with lots of great outfit combinations using my new and existing items but to be honest, the colours and styles are so cohesive and easy, I can combine anything together and it looks great! I feel like I look like the best version of myself, but the best bit is how easy and satisfying my wardrobe is now.”


Architect, New Zealand

"I had such a great shopping experience with Penny! I was really impressed by all the hard work Penny put in getting to know my lifestyle, the issues I was having (never the right thing to wear...lots of clothes with nothing that was really "me", and struggling to put together outfits) and then the amazing selection of perfect clothes she had ready for me to try on the day. I was excited to see the range of pieces Penny had selected. The looks Penny put together were quite different from what I usually buy, and were exactly what I was looking for...but didn't know how to achieve.
I would highly recommend a shopping experience with Penny, she is an expert and is professional, relaxed and fun. I can't wait to wear all my new outfits!"


IT Executive, London

"I wanted to update my work image and create a more contemporary look for social occasions. Before hiring Penny, I felt totally overwhelmed by the choices available and found shopping stressful. She edited my wardrobe before taking me shopping with a targeted checklist of items. The experience was so much more enjoyable than I imagined, in fact I actually enjoyed it! She is professional, pragmatic and good company. It was great to open my wardrobe and have clear idea of what goes with what. My clients appreciate my more professional image and my girlfriend loves my updated look too."


Media Executive, London

“A great experience. It is satisfying to work with someone who has an instinct for these things and that I can put my trust in. I finally feel stylish without the stress and hassle of shopping for myself.”

Penny is smiling and looking at the camera with her arms crossed. She's wearing a white dress and blazer

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