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Top 5 tips for a curated closet

November 07, 2016

1. Choose a colour palette

Understanding your personal colouring makes it easier for you to build a capsule wardrobe of items that mix and match. All the colours work together no matter what the combination and importantly flatter your skin tone. It is even more important in winter when you need to be able to layer like a pro. Here are my favourite palettes to suit all skin tones;

light & warm… camel, light grey, navy, brown, cream

light & cool… navy, light grey, dark grey, white, burgundy

deep & warm…camel, chocolate, navy, dark grey, forest green

deep & cool….black, grey, navy, white, red

2. Get in the mood

As part of my consultations I ask my clients to produce a mood board of images that make their heart sing. When all the images are collated you can easily see consistencies and common themes such as colours, silhouettes, styles or individual items you love. Make a list and use this list to review your existing wardrobe, for example; muted colours, romantic styles, anything in leather, relaxed silhouettes. You will easily be able to see if there are items that don’t work for you anymore, remove these items and start to see a more consistent style coming through. Pin this list inside your wardrobe to keep you focused. 

3. Build a wardrobe that fits your REAL life

Your wardrobe should proportionally represent your lifestyle and how you spend your time. If you once worked in Finance but are now a stay at home mum, your wardrobe should reflect how you spend most of your time now. You will need comfortable and practical but stylish clothes and flat shoes or low heeled boots. When once a cashmere coat would have been a good investment, now a fur lined hooded parka should be top of your list!

4. Edit, edit, edit

You should edit your wardrobe between seasons and ideally have a mini edit in the middle of the seasons. I edit my wardrobe at least once a month; what do I love wearing at the moment, how can I get more wear out of pieces, Does that item still fit in with my personal style or lifestyle? By continually asking yourself these questions you will maintain a streamlined wardrobe of items you love and most importantly, wear! It will also stop you from making impulse purchases that don’t fit in with your wardrobe and help your shopping to be more targeted which brings me to tip number 5…

5. Shop Smarter and more selectively

Never go shopping without a targeted list and a clear idea of what you need to pull outfits together. Whether your budget is Prada or Primark the principles are the same, don’t stray from the list and take your time. I rarely buy a piece on the same day I try it on. I think about where I can wear it, what it will work with in my wardrobe and whether it complements my style. It’s better to have a gap in the wardrobe than a guilt-ridden gap in your bank account!

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