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How to buy a Trench Coat

April 28, 2016


I have decided to dedicate this blog to the most requested items, the items my clients are looking for and asking me to source*. By far the most popular item at the moment is the Trench Coat or Mac. So before you make your forever purchase consider the following…

FIT… A trench looks its best when it is fitted but consider its purpose. Do you want the versatility of wearing it over a suit jacket? Make sure there is enough room in the arm holes by moving your arms around when you try it on. It’s too small if the buttons are pulling and the vent at the back isn’t sitting flat.

If you are PETITE – higher buttoning, shorter styles will work best. And shoulder seams should sit on the tip of your shoulders. If you want to go for longer then something that isn’t bulky and that is more fluid. 

If you DON’T have a defined waist (like me!)- Opt for styles with trench detailing without the double breasted fastening like this. Or a style without contrasting buttons like this

COLOUR… Which to choose?? You want your trench to work hard so think about what colours you have in your wardrobe and your personal colouring. If you have COOL colouring look for stone, ecru, grey and navy. If you have WARM colouring then beige, brown, khaki, camel like this

FABRIC… Water resistant or treated fabrics will keep you dry. But also consider your body shape, whether you suit more fluid fabrics like this or stiff structured looks. 


The Mac (short for Macintosh) came from Scotland and originated in the early 1800s. It was named for Charles Macintosh that patent the rubberised water proof fabric. The Trench came 100 years later when Thomas Burberry created all-weather coats for soldiers fitting in the trenches in WW1. 

Happy Shopping! 

Penny x

*If you would like me to recommend locate and advise on a particular item, contact me about joining my VIP Club


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