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The style you won’t stop wearing this month

June 13, 2016


Summer is here… then it’s not… then it’s here… then, oops it’s gone again! The dress with sleeves is the perfect anecdote for the here today gone tomorrow English summer. If you follow me on social media you know how evangelical I am about the way the dress with sleeves can transition through a day of varied weather conditions. The sleeves keep your arms warm in the mornings but you are still comfortable if the temperature rises. Here are my current favourites…

For the minimalist… J Crew’s striped maxi

The Corporate option… Libby London’s Richmond Dress

For the Romantic… Vanessa Bruno’s Estonie Dress (on sale!) 

For the fashion or die… Daft’s Faye Dunaway Kaftan

For the Classic… Topshop Unique’s Dorney Shirt Dress

And layer yours with a polo neck come autumn. The perfect transitional piece. 

Here’s to a sunny Summer! 

Penny x

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