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My Holiday Packing Hacks

July 21, 2016

With schools breaking up and the sun shining, at long last summer holidays are fast approaching! It’s time to gather up the beach clothes and organise that suit case. Whether packing is something you languish or love, here are my favourite holiday packing hacks for the perfectly organised suitcase and stress free travel. 

Rethink the backpack – No, I don’t mean backpackers, henna tattoos and hostels, I mean a stylish backpack as your hand luggage that you can wear at the airport or exploring the city. Happiness is hands free! For him… for her…. and for the little ones

Plastic zip-up bags – because you want to make the most of every last minute in the pool and you will inevitably have damp items that need to be packed before you travel. John Lewis has a good selection.  

A packable hat – There is nothing worse than investing in a beautiful hat only to leave it in the airport restroom or it losing its shape in your suitcase. This is one of the most requested items from my clients and finally designers are catching on to need for packable hats. I love this one from Eric Javits or opt for fabric or raffia, Helen Kaminsky makes great ones.

Divide and Conquer – I love zip up pouches and cloth bags to organise my case. One for underwear, swimwear, electricals, jewellery and makeup. I know this seems like a lot of effort but you will thank me when you arrive and everything is in its place, you can unpack in 2 minutes and get to that sun lounger. I always pre-pack all the things that are going to live in my beach bag to avoid forgetting any of my waterside essentials. 

But if you know you are one of those people who leaves everything to the last minute and feels overwhelmed by shopping and packing for your summer getaway, I’d love to help so please get in touch

Happy summer break, 

Penny x

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