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Shopping for workwear on a budget

September 06, 2016

Deborah Meaden, Business Woman says “If you dress at the top end of your game, it will be obvious you are outgrowing your position”. Style plays an important role in the office but I know how difficult it can be when you need to update your working wardrobe on a budget. But the highstreet is getting serious about workwear and it is possible to look designer on an intern’s budget. And I haven’t forgotten about my male clients – menswear options highlighted below. Here are my picks…

J Crew (Menswear) – Whether you work in the city or soho, J Crew has flattering dresses and great essentials. You are sure to be going places. 

Whistles (Menswear) – With contemporary and fashion forward take on work wear, Whistles gives new meaning to the term ’suited and booted’.  

Fox & B – More affordable than Equipment and just as design focused, new label Fox & B brings you the perfect blouse for work, rest and play. As a subscriber, you receive an exclusive 10% discount. Contact me for details. 

Mango – OK, maybe I was seduced by their campaign with my girl crush, Giorgia Tordini but Mango is a diamond in the rough and these shoes will elevate any boring old black trouser. 

Zara (Menswear) – Where would we be without the formidable monster that is, Zara. But proceed with caution – opt for simpler, less season specific pieces when shopping on a budget. This will prevent any awkward doppelganger moments!

It is possible to be stylish and successful on a budget but if you need more personalised advice then please get in touch

Penny x


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