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The Ultimate Gift Solutions

December 14, 2017

I love a wish list as much as the next person. It is your insurance policy to avoiding disappointment and waste. But what if you could give them a gift they never expected but that they love and enjoy? Let’s bring back the element of surprise to gift receiving this year with these love forever beauties. 

Personal Styling Gift Voucher – because you will wish you did it years ago.

A Tote for work – beautiful. practical. economical. 

Earphone and cable organisers – you will never have to dig around your bag again.

Alphabet Charm – perfect for the women who doesn’t wear jewellery. 

Sunglasses – when the sun does shine, he will be ready.

Flat shoes – Slippers you can actually wear outside. 

Striped Sweater – because you can never have too many. For Him. For Her

Incense Burner – she’ll be expecting a candle but this is so much better. 

For more personalised solutions, please get in touch. 

Merry Christmas!! 

Penny x 

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Image Consultant covering London and the UK that will change how you feel about your wardrobe forever. 

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