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5 reasons why a personal stylist is a good investment

June 20, 2017

Many women and men think they don’t have the time or budget to invest in working with a personal stylist yet they spend many fruitless hours searching for the right garments only to find that they waist money on items that are ill fitting, don’t work with existing pieces or end up looking cheap after one wash. There are many misconceptions and stigmas about working with a personal stylist, but the fact of the matter is the experience is inspiring, motivating and in the words of my clients, life changing. Here are 5 reasons why working with a personal stylist will be the best decision you ever made. 

1. Learn to shop smarter saving you time and money.

When was the last time you went shopping with a very clear idea of the items you need, the shop to go to, the colour to choose and the style the garments should be? Working with a personal stylist takes all the stress and guess work out of shopping. You will not only enjoy the amazing experience of having someone advise, source and locate all the essential items for your wardrobe in one afternoon but when you shop for yourself you will no longer feel overwhelmed by all the choices. You will have all the information you need to walk into a store and scan rails like a pro, eliminating items instantly and understanding which items are worth taking the time to try on and which pieces deserve a coveted space in your wardrobe. 

2. Feel confident everyday.

It goes without saying that when you look good you feel good and this feeling shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions but you should feel confident everyday. How you dress communicates to the world your sense of self-assurance, quality and professionalism. If you feel confident in what you are wearing and you love your style you are more likely to step up and get noticed either in social or work situations. On the days you don’t make an effort with your appearance you are more likely to shy away from opportunities, stifling your career. Working with a personal stylist gives you the knowledge and understanding you need to make confident decisions about what to buy. You will no longer feel overwhelmed and unsure but stylish, appropriate and confident.  

3. Build a functional wardrobe FULL to outfits.

One of the biggest problems my clients have is how to put outfits together and this is often due to the fact that their wardrobe is full of pieces not outfits. There are the pieces they bought in the sale, pieces they bought because they looked good on a friend, the pieces they bought when they had a bad day at work. A wardrobe is only functional when the items in it mix and match to create outfits, this is commonly known as a capsule wardrobe. When you feel overwhelmed by an overstuffed wardrobe you are not going to be able to put outfits together with ease. Working with a personal stylist will give you the clarity to understand what items will go with what and what items are missing that you need to purchase to help you to get more use out of existing pieces. It’s like shopping in your own wardrobe. Getting dressed everyday will be a joy and you will never say ‘I have nothing to wear’ again! 

4. It’s all about you!

You are successful in your career, you might have a young family to look after, you’re social and busy organising get togethers, there are also the holidays to plan and the house to keep tidy. When do you have time to prioritise yourself and your wardrobe?! My clients love the consultations and taking time for themselves, enjoying the whole process of re-discovering their style. They enjoy the morning ritual of opening a wardrobe that is organised and edited and full of stylish pieces that work for every situation. But its not only about taking time for yourself and working on your personal  image and brand but the knowledge that every item in the wardrobe is in your best colours and your best styles. Style is a personal interpretation of fashion and how YOU like to wear clothes. Working with a personal stylist will help you fall in love with your style again. 

5. Look contemporary and appropriate. 

Being stylish is not about wearing the latest trends it is about an authentic style that is appropriate and up to date. Fashion evolves and so should your style but with so much information about fashion and style available it is easy to get anxious about how you should position your style for your age. Working with a personal stylist helps you gain clarity on what is contemporary and how to dress for your stage of life ensuring you stay current. I work with my clients season after season to review and refresh their wardrobes, distilling fashion trends and showing my clients how they can add a fashion element to their look in a seamless way. From a workwear perspective you need to look as fresh as your ideas and that you have your finger on the pulse of your industry. Working with a personal stylist will help you to translate workwear dress codes into a style that suits you and get you noticed for the right reasons. 

I hope this has given you an insight into what you can achieve by working with me and I would love to help you regain your style identity and be the best you so please get in touch. 

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Consultant working with successful men and women in London, UK. 

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