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Why colour matters

June 20, 2017

When I first start working with a client I really like to get to the heart of how they want to look and the subjectivity of colour plays a huge part in this. My clients already have an instinctive, pre-conceived idea of what suits them but they don’t know why those particular colours work and why others don’t. I talk to them about the colours they love and they discover why they are successful and I introduce them to colours and combinations they would never have considered. There have been so many goose bump moments when I dress my clients in a colour they instantly respond to or a colour they had never considered before that looks amazing. It’s game changing. 

There are not only emotional reasons for wearing the right colours but it is also physically important

 your best colours can –

–       even out skin tones 

–       diminish lines and dark circles

–       help complexion look more radiant

–       bring definition to features

–       give you a general look of wellbeing

–       make you look younger

–       make your outfits look expensive

–       help you outfits look effortless


the wrong colours can –

–       cast shadows on face

–       exaggerate uneven skin tones

–       accentuate lines or dark circles

–       make the complexion look drained, washed out, grubby, sallow

–       age the face

–       make you look tired

–      make your outfit  look cheap

–       look overwhelming- like you are trying too hard! 

The colours you wear also effects how others perceive you. The colours we wear communicate whom we are and how we feel we fit into the world around us. So the next time you choose an outfit for a presentation or to facilitate a deal or get a project across the line, consider the perception of a colour. 

BLACK – sophistication, security, efficiency and substance. 

BROWN – serious, warmth, reliability, support

GREY – psychologically neutral 

WHITE – hygiene, clarity, purity, simplicity, sophistication, efficiency. 

GREEN – balance, reassurance, equilibrium

RED – strength , warmth, vitality, energy

BLUE –  intelligence, communication, trust, calm.

If you are confused about colour choices, don’t know how to coordinate colour in outfits or are stuck in a rut, contact me to discover your best colour choices. 

Penny Bennett is a Personal Stylist, Personal Shopper and Wardrobe Consultant working with successful men and women in London, UK. 

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