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the 25 minute wardrobe detox

January 04, 2018

The new year is the perfect time to embark on a wardrobe edit but for most of my clients the thought of organising messy shelves and tackling overstuffed rails is totally overwhelming. So here are five small things you can do that will get you started on your perfected 2018 wardrobe.

1. Swap out your hangers

Remove wire hangers that mis-shapen your clothes and invest in velvet covers hangers. They are inexpensive, keep your clothes from slipping and look uniform in your wardrobe. 

2. Remove killer shoes

If you do one thing this year it should be investing in your feet. The amount of clients that have had to have surgery on their feet because of years of wearing ill fitting shoes when they could have invested that money more wisely in a beautiful and practical (yes, they do exist) shoe wardrobe. Remove all the shoes from your wardrobe that for whatever reason, you can’t walk in. If they are in good enough condition sell them and reinvest that money shopping for a heel style that’s most comfortable. 

3. Organise your underwear

We are all guilty of this – owning underwear that has seen better days and a sock draw full of mismatched socks. Take 5 minutes to clean out your sock draw, matching the pairs and organising them by function (work, weekend, workout). Remove those items of underwear that are ill-fitting and worn out and the organise by type and function. My female clients should then book themselves in for a fitting and discover how the right bra can transform that silk blouse.  

4. Ditch ill fitting denim

Consolidate your denim collection and remove jeans that don’t fit you properly or are no longer flattering you like they used too. With wear and washing the elasticity in denim, especially highstreet denim, will give so give them up. If you have the liberty of wearing jeans to work then it is well worth investing in the best quality you can. 

5. Storage Solutions

It’s time to make a list – look at your existing space and see how it could be improved by using cleaver storage solutions. Separate jewellery with divided boxes, buy clear boxes to keep your knitwear in order, store shoes in boxes to keep odours away from your clothes and making them easier to store and find. 

Parting with items on a regular basis will keep your wardrobe organised and allow you to see what you really love to wear on repeat. When everything is properly stored, it makes getting dressed a joy and sets you up for the day with a clear head and enables you to concentrate on the important jobs at hand. 

If you are dealing with an overstuffed wardrobe and need to create space and clarity then please get in touch

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