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5 new ways to wear the cardigan

December 17, 2018

Cardigans. They are one of those items I have a love hate relationship with, much like winter itself (love Christmas, hate February!). I understand and appreciate their practicality; the Cardigan is perfectly engineered in purpose but it can leave an outfit feeling a bit lacklustre or at their worst, dowdy. I mean even the word is dowdy… it’s not like Blazer for instance.

 But with the layering season upon us, can I rekindle my personal relationship with the humble cardigan? Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself a cardigan person, this is definitely the season for a reappraisal. Gone are the days of having one black cardigan in your wardrobe that goes over everything (N.B. it doesn’t go with everything!) There are so many great options available now that the cardigan has become the statement itself. Sezane had a 30, 000 person waiting list for their perfectly cut Barry cardigan.

 But, like most things, it is all about how you wear it. Here are my top 5 tips;

1.Tuck it in

Wear it like you would a sweater, instead of as a layer. Keep it buttoned up and tuck it in to the front of your jeans. It is your new ‘jeans and a nice top’ look.

Try Arket and Jigsaw

2 . Belt it

I do have a soft spot for a long line cardigan, which suits my undefined waist. But if you have a curvy body and go in at the waist then cinch it with a belt. Try this with a tailored trouser for an after-work look.

Try Vince

3.  Mix the textures

Think about opposing textures in your outfits to add interest especially in the winter months when it is all about layers. A wool cardigan looks perfect against the smooth texture of leather. Pair yours with a leather trouser for a cosy but cool look.

4. Wear it like a coat

If you are tall, play with proportion in a calf length cardigan. Comfortable like a dressing gown and more interesting than a standard coat. Wear it with denim and a heeled ankle boot. 

Try Zara, Theory or Acne

5. Crop it

Cardigans can look dowdy when they give your body a shapeless, undefined look especially if you are wearing them over something more tailored for work. Try a cropped cardigan that ends exactly where your waist is. That way your figure will be highlighted and will give you an overall more polished and pulled together look.

Try J Crew, Hobbs, Massimo Dutti and Jigsaw. Or splash out on Miu Miu.

The idea for this blog came from humorous conversations with my gorgeous client, Lisa about the pros and cons of cardigans. I dedicate this to you!

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