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6 Love forever Sale buys

December 20, 2019

I love a discount, who doesn’t! But as much as a reduction in price can be a huge motivator, don’t lose your head.  Approach shopping the same way you would if it wasn’t discounted. It’s only a great buy if;

  1. You know what you are wearing it with

  2. Where you are wearing it

  3. It fits the way it should. 

I’m yet to really dig deep and scour the rails (virtual or otherwise) for myself and before I do I will make a list (check it twice), give myself a budget and stick to it. I’ll look for sartorial gems I can wear now but I’m also looking to next season and holiday wardrobe winners. Whatever your strategy make it a considered purchase that you will wear now and in still love in the future. 

Here are the items I am always on the look out for during sale time;

The big ticket items This is your coat or bag. I love this masculine coat which will add contrast to my romantic dresses.

The item you have been stalking all season ANYTHING by Khaite. Elevated basics that never follow a trend but inspire them. I will wear this forever.

The accessory update I tie my hair back a lot so a statement earring makes me feel more finished. I love the artisanal feel of Rebecca De Ravenel’s earrings.

The holiday wardrobe buy I already have this in a check which I bought 5 years ago (see me wearing it here!) and I’ve never had a swimsuit so flattering. It’s time for an update!

The next season buy A white dress with sleeves for summer is a no brainer. And it has pockets. Perfect.

The forever piece A stylish flat shoe that works for evening is high on my priority list. Being comfortable and stylish will never go out of fashion.

If you want to learn how to shop smarter and evolve your style please get in touch. 

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