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The best shoes for your shape

July 12, 2019

There is so much to consider when buying a pair of shoes. Yes, the shoe has to complete the outfit, be comfortable and pull the look together but a shoe can also balance proportions and make you look taller and slimmer (even if you are wearing flats!).

Here are the best shoes for your body shape:

Make your legs look longer

+ A backless shoe or mule is a great option as we can see more of your leg and ankle

+ Select a shoe that is tonal to your skin colouring when you are wearing dresses or skirts

+ If wearing trousers wear a shoe in the same colour as the trouser

+ A pointed toe will elongate the line of the leg

AVOID – shoes that cut you off at the ankle or mid calf unless they are tonal to the outfit (ie in the same colour tone as the outfit)

Narrow the ankle

+ low cut shoes elongate the ankle

+ A mule (as above), especially when it has a block heel creates great balance

+ A trainer like Golden goose that is cut very low at the ankle and has a secret inner wedge.

+ Opt for ankle boots that are cut lower at the front and higher on the sides

+ Avoid sandals where the strap goes straight across the foot. Look for styles that criss cross.

AVOID ankle straps unless they are in the same colour as your skin tone or are thicker in size.

Make your hips appear smaller

+ You always want to select a shoe with a bit of weight to it as this will help balance a hip

+ In winter boots work brilliantly with everything including skirts and dresses and are a comfortable way of wearing a heel

+ A block heel instead of a stiletto as it grounds the look

+ A flatform is a great summer staple and if you are on a night out look for a platform heel.

AVOID – dainty shoes like ballet flats and kitten heels

Make you appear taller (even if you are wearing flats!).

+ Always wear a shoe that is tonal to your outfit so your eye is not drawn down

+ Top and tail your outfit – by this I mean wear a colour close to your face to match your shoe colour. For example a red shoe and a red lipstick or a green shoe and a green scarf.

AVOID – a statement shoe that will have everyone looking down at your feet

Show off your slim legs

+ You have the most choice when it comes to shoe styles. Opt for fine details like thin straps and close cut soles.

+ Kitten heels work well and I love a kitten heel boot for the winter

+ Consider the rest of your body – You may have slim legs but we you heavier on the top? Take into account the whole picture.

AVOID – really chunky styles unless you love to play with proportion in a fashion forward way.

Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist working in London and the U.K. who can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love.

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