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Would you trust me with your wardrobe?

July 12, 2019

 I was at a dinner party recently and I was sat next to a man who worked in digital publishing for retail fashion brands. He had worked with various editorial stylists and was interested to hear about my work as a personal stylist. He asked me the usual questions; who are my clients, how do they find me and then he asked me this,


“But how do your clients know to trust you? Especially if you don’t have a background in editorial fashion styling?”. 


I must admit I had to think about this. 


I have worked with hundreds of clients who have let me into their lives and wardrobes and trusted me implicitly with what they wear and how they communicate who they are. But why? What made my clients decide that I should be the stylist with that privilege?

 I am a stylist. I have an eye for what my clients are going to love and that is something that is intuitive and is quite innate. And that is an important distinction between the visual communication of an editorial stylist and a personal stylist – it’s not about my personal style it’s about putting myself in another women’s shoes and thinking about what they would love. Then being guided by my innate sense of taste and the way that they like to wear clothes. It’s hugely positive and creatively collaborative. I am passionate about it and I wouldn’t be doing this if I weren’t good at it. Surely that is enough?! 

 But actually I know there is so much more to it than that. And it all starts with the website…

 1. My Website and My approach

I spent a lot of time on the design of the website. I really wanted the wording to resonate with potential clients; that I totally understand their situation and I that I know how to change it for the better! But also that you begin to get to know me; my sense of creativity and my results-driven approach. For the images I instructed Katie Hyams whose photography is exquisite. She understood exactly what aesthetic I was looking for and what I wanted to achieve. There is also my social media… this comes with a caveat! I have a very Yin and Yang relationship with the communication tool but I hope from the (few) images I post my clients get a sense of my personal style. 

 2. The All Important Call

The next step to building trust with my potential clients is a discovery call. This is an opportunity for me to share my experience and knowledge with my clients over the phone and communicate how my process can help. They should feel reassured by my expertise and inspired and excited about the consultations and what we will achieve.

 But this is also a chance for us to get to know each other and explore our compatibility. I have a relaxed but focused approach to my work and I am sensitive but pragmatic with my clients. This is a collaborative and creative process and I work well with my clients because we understand each other from the outset. I love getting to know their idiosyncrasies, their loves and what they don’t like and I value this relationship. 

 3. Don’t Just Take My Word For It!

My clients come to my because they feel overwhelmed, stressed or confused about their wardrobes. They want to make the most of their personal style, refine their wardrobe and feel confident in whatever life is throwing at them. I change the way they approach their wardrobes and I change how they feel. And importantly we have fun doing it! 


But don’t just take my word for it…

 “I recently had the good fortune of spending a day with Penny and I cannot recommend her highly enough. I needed help editing my wardrobe down and finding a place for items I just wasn’t get enough wear out of. However, I went in with these goals but came out with so much more, with help in areas I hadn’t even realised I needed them. She’s so professional and thorough, and so relaxing to be around. The whole process from start to end was really positive, fun and extremely cathartic. It really helped me rethink my attitude towards what I already own and perhaps even more importantly what I buy in the future. And the satisfaction it gave me bagging up all of the clothes at the end of the day was immense! Whatever it is you’re looking for, be it a confidence boost or a total overhaul of your wardrobe, I strongly recommend Penny and her team to make it happen.”

 “Love…Love…Love. Penny thank you so much for yesterday, as always it was great fun and I wish I could have you come shopping with me all the time.”

 “Many many thanks for your help, its really made a big difference and impact knowing I’ll be smartly turned out for work and casual.  I feel like a new woman!”

 “Thank you again for a good day last Friday – don’t know how you manage to make this all fun, but somehow you do!”

 If you are still not convinced you can read more testimonials here.

And if you are convinced and want to take your style on a new trajectory then please get in touch.

 Penny is an award winning Personal Stylist, featured in the Telegraph and working in London and the U.K. Penny can help you develop a strong personal style and functional wardrobe you love. Get in touch today


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