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How to edit your wardrobe like a stylist

September 19, 2019

With Marie Kondo becoming a house hold name, organising your wardrobe has never been more in vogue. But to really edit your wardrobe, the removing of unwanted items and organising them is only the beginning. Yes, your wardrobe needs to be clean and well organised for you to see what you have, because to see is to wear. But to have a truly functional and curated wardrobe you need to understand what you wear and how you like to wear it.


It all starts by trying things on. Can you make an outfit from existing items in your wardrobe? How many ways can you wear one item? Where are you wearing it to? Do you have the right shoes to wear with it? By putting outfits together it will quickly become apparent what is actually missing from your wardrobe and how you can move your style forward.


Take photos of your outfits and then start making a list of those pieces that will pull your looks together. This is the holy grail of successful wardrobe management and a rewarding shopping experience. I think about what I need next and where the gaps are in my wardrobe. When I look to the new season I often start with shoes (of which I just bought 3 pairs).


Then start researching. I look at my favourite brands and refer to designers who will do certain pieces really well. I try and avoid the quick fixes and build wish lists on my favourite shopping sites.


Now with a holistic view of my wardrobe and a list of possible purchases, I can decide where it’s worth spending on the designer pieces and where I can save by buying high street.


Of course cost is always a consideration but I think about price in terms of wear. Will I wear it to do death and will I love it again when I wear it next year? Building a wardrobe is a long term game – buying 4 cheap highstreet pieces for an instant fix is more expensive in the long term than one designer piece you will wear on repeat.

When I try the pieces on do I really love it? Does if feel good on, does it look good when I move, does it work with existing pieces in my wardrobe and does it fit into my life and will it be functional? Yes, I am a demanding lover but I know when I have pieces in my wardrobe that ticks all those boxes, they are the pieces I reach for time and again.


There is nothing like the thrill of an unexpected buy that becomes the most worn piece in your wardrobe. Something that catches your eye as you are wondering the shops or scrolling online. You can’t explain it (and why should you have to) but it is love at first sight. You can already see yourself wearing it and know how it will make you feel (amazing!). This is the beautiful journey of your style – how your style evolves as you evolve.


I would rather have 5 looks I wear on repeat that I love and feel represent me and my style than to have 100 looks made up of ‘that will do’ items. When I look at my wardrobe the pieces I feel most fondly towards are often dresses, leather pieces and beautiful knitwear. So those pieces will go to the top of my wishlist!

If you love the sound of this process and want to build a wardrobe of items you love and wear on repeat then I would love to hear from you!

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