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2020 Resolution: Quality Over Quantity

January 24, 2020

Quality over quantity is less of a here today gone tomorrow resolution and more of a permanent resolve. My clients come to me because they want to buy less and they want to buy better. They want to start investing in pieces instead of buying cheaper items for a quick fix. They want a wardrobe with items they can mix and match with ease. Basically less items and more outfits they love. 

What are those key items to invest in?

I would love to say there are key pieces every woman should have in their wardrobe but my 10 years of experience has shown me that one women’s black trouser is another woman’s black leather legging. Your style is about YOU, what you love and how you like to wear clothes. One size does not fit all. 

Ask yourself these 5 questions…

Before you even think about spending any money, ask yourself these 5 questions to find out what staples to invest in and to discover those transformative items that evolve your style.

Put together 5 outfits your love. Now break it down… find the commonalities of these outfits by asking yourself …

  1. What are your key looks?

Maybe you like wearing trousers and your looks involved a mixture of jeans, trousers and leggings. Maybe you are really feminine and your looks are made of skirts and dresses. Maybe your style is neutral but you love a statement shoe or accessory. Write down the common themes to the looks. 

IN MY WARDROBE: I like to mix masculine and feminine. A dress with a blazer, a jumpsuit with a dangly earring. Always a flat shoe or small heeled boot and there is always knitwear involved! 

2. What colours anchor your outfits?

List the colours in every outfit – what are the 3 most common colours across all five looks? These are your neutral/anchor colours. For most people this is a mix of black, grey, navy, white, cream, khaki, brown. 

IN MY WARDROBE: Mine are navy, white and grey. 

3. What are your statement colours?

Is there a colour you are loving at the moment or you always use to make your outfits pop? Or maybe a colour you always look for in a print? Or maybe you don’t use colour in this way. You might just love your neutrals too much. 

IN MY WARDROBE: I love burgundy, yellow makes me happy and I can’t seem to get away from Pink. 

4. What are your 5 favourite pieces?

What are those pieces you feel great in and wear on repeat. For many of my clients these are usually their 5 most recent purchases. Or they can also be old favourites that just seem to work. 

IN MY WARDROBE: My five favourites I depend on – green leather trousers, tweed blazer, taupe oversized coat, black lace up ankle boots, a wide leg jumpsuit. 

5. What is your lifestyle like?

Your lifestyle really influences what your quality staples will be. Do you work from home, are you always attending events after work, or are you in charge of a brood of children and comfort is your first priority. 

IN MY WARDROBE: I am on my feet all day and I need clothes I can move in so flat shoes and over sized looks are my go to. 

The key items YOU should invest in

You should have a lovely list now of items you love wearing, wear on repeat and colours that work. These are items to invest in as you know they form the basis of your wardrobe and you will enjoy wearing them time and again. 

If you found the initial exercise of putting together 5 outfits you love, difficult or you are overwhelmed by the amount of clothes you have and find it hard to focus, please get in touch. I will help you refine and define your style and build a wardrobe of items your love and getting dressed will be effortless and fun. 

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