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How to spend less and get more

October 26, 2020

I don’t want you to stop buying, to deny yourself or to feel guilty about investing in yourself.

It is not the actual act of spending money on ourselves that is the problem but what we choose to spend your money on. 

Shopping without intention leads to careless purchases that all too often remain unworn and only serve as a reminder of money wasted or worse end in landfill. 

FUN (or not so fun) FACT: The British buy a third more clothes than they did four years ago, but the amount spent per person has remained about the same. That is, we are buying MORE for LESS. 

I only wish that this equated to more outfit opportunities and more functionality in our wardrobes but this formula usually equates to more wastage and the sub-standard pay grades for garment workers. 

So how do we spend less and get more? We need a plan… a list of wearable items we love that help us build a fun and interchangeable wardrobe. Yes, this is more work up front but the long term benefits are undeniable. 


Step 1. For the next 7 days I want you to wear your most favourite outfits, including shoes and outerwear (we are only focusing on day wear) and photograph them. 

Step 2. Now write down all the items from each outfit starting with day 1. When you repeat wear an item, start a tally next to that item

Step 3. What are you 5 most worn items? For me it would be coat, ankle boots, sweater dress, knitwear, trainers. 

Now you know where to invest your money. Not on the high heels that look pretty but kill your feet or the sparkly number that gets pulled out twice a year.

It’s those items you love to wear that help you get more out of your wardrobe. Spend more on these items and less on those one-minute wonders that give you cheap thrills and less outfit potential. 

If you live in t-shirts spend more on t-shirts. 

If you live in denim spend more on denim

If you live in trainers, spend more on trainers

If you live in knitwear spend more on knitwear 

Spending more on less gives you more… more outfit potential, more longevity and more free time not worrying what to wear! 


P.S. If you struggled to put together 7 outfits you love or you find it hard to put outfits together or you want to learn how and where to shop successfully then get in touch. 

P.P.S I have a black belt in shopping 

P.P.P.S One of my clients has me in her phone as ‘Penny Style Legend’ why don’t you test her theory… 

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