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4 Ways to Put Outfits Together Using Colour

October 13, 2020

Capsule Wardrobe. You hear about this a lot… but what is a capsule wardrobe and what is the big deal?

A capsule wardrobe is a minimal selection of garments that provides maximum outfit choices. Essentially an interchangable wardrobe where items match each other with great ease and much time is saved in the morning.

The easiest way to create a well coordinated wardrobe that mixes and matches is by using colour.

It is the best place to start when you are looking at an item and thinking what can I wear with this??

1. Choose your building block colours, that is the deeper and more neutral colours that are the foundation of your wardrobe.

Typical options are navy, black, grey, khaki green, burgundy, browns, denims and neutrals like white, ecru, cream, sand, taupe.

Having a good selection of items in your building block colours means that you will always have something to fall back on.

Take this sea-green leather shirt from Remain Birger Christensen. You can pair it with denims either blue or greyblack wide leg trousersgrey wool trousers or a navy a-line skirt or over a white dress worn as a shacket

2. Choose colours from the same colour family, that is, either cool or warm.

If you have a very good eye this is not as important but if outfit building is something you struggle with, then this will help.

FUN FACT: Cool colours have more blue pigment in them and warm colours have more yellow pigment.

Green, which is made of blue and yellow can be either cool or warm depending on the ratio of blue to yellow. Khaki and lime green are warm and Emerald and sage green are cool.

WARM COLOUR COMBINATIONS: camel + tomato red, toffee + mustard, mahogany + moss

COOL COLOUR COMBINATIONS: blush pink and pillar box red + voilet + charcoal, pewter + fuchsia

3. When in doubt, go tonal. What I mean be tonal is wearing the same colour in a different shade (ie lighter or darker) together in an outfit.

Charcoal grey + heather grey

White + ecru

Burgundy + blush pink

Navy + sky blue

Camel + sand

Chocolate brown + toffee

4. When you have a printed piece, choose a colour from the print.
Take these printed Etro trousers depending if you have cool or warm colouring, you have these options…

COOL: pale blue, grey, ecru, black, red, raspberry, black

WARM: orange, dark grey, cream, black, burgundy, red

Remember not everything is your wardrobe is going to go with everything but I always aim for 3 ways to wear.

STYLING CHALLENGE: Pick an item you rarely wear or only wear in one way and challenge yourself to find three ways to wear it… start by looking at what colours it will work with.

I hope this helps open your eyes to the potential of your wardrobe and helps you get creative. Let me know how you get on!

Penny x

P.S. Let me show you the potential of your own wardrobe! Book a wardrobe review today and find new ways to wear your existing items. There is nothing like shopping in your own wardrobe! Get in touch today!

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