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What to wear with jeans [that doesn’t feel predictable]

November 16, 2020

2020 hasn’t been the best year for denim.

What once was the go-to for dress-down or working from home looks, jeans have been totally usurped by the more comfortable and cosy sweat pant or lounge wear combo.

So let’s pull out our much loved wardrobe staple, get it back into rotation but elevate it beyond its usual jeans and jumper predictability.

Here are 6 fun ways…

1. The White Shirt

What, Penny!? That’s not new or revolutionary!

You’re right, it isn’t but there is no need to reinvent the wheel (just update the hubcaps).

Putting an oversized white shirt with white or light denim, instead of your usual indigo, just looks so fresh. Just look at Leia Sfez for inspiration.

2. Jewellery

Denim is the perfect blank canvas for a bit of embellishment.

Add your favourite jewellery, preferably layered, preferably oversized to your usual jeans and jumper look and you instantly change the dynamic.

I love thisthis and this 

3. Knitted Vest

So easy and versatile to layer, the sleeveless knit or knitted vest has come into its own this season and is the perfect partner to denim.

Find out how to layer it and my favourite iterations here on my blog.

4. Scarf

Stop a scarf feeling too preppy or work orientated by wearing it with denim.

And you are not limited to tying it around your neck, use it to fasten your ponytail or your smaller styles will look right at home belted through loops on vintage Levis.

I love the sleek monochrome palette at Toteme.

5. A Leather Shirt

Who ever would have thought that leather would be such a versatile fabric?

A leather shirt is a great option for elevated staples and feels less statement and more nonchalant paired with denim.

Whether your preference is for real leather or vegan, there are great versions on the highstreet or high end.

6. Sequins

Yes, I mentioned the ’S’ word in November!

I know the mood globally doesn’t feel very sparkly but that is where your denim comes in.

Denim is the great leveller… no matter how dressy or statement a piece is, denim has the ability to help translate it into an everyday look with ease.

Whether it is a sequin t-shirt from Mango or something more extravagant from In The Mood For Love (which is on my wishlist) I think we need a little (or a lot of) sparkle this year!

Penny x

P.S. I know some of you are thinking, “This is all good and well, Penny but I can’t even find the perfect jeans, let alone what to put with them!”. Then let me help you. It’s amazing what I can accomplish over zoom.


If jeans are the only thing you have been wearing, here are my 5 favourite jean alternatives.

Picture credit Leia Sfez

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