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How to look good on your daily walk

November 26, 2020

My favourite thing to google at the moment is ‘ woodland trails near me’… could 2020 get any weirder!!?

Not only am I desperate to leave the confines of my office by 6pm on Friday but I am also feeling a pull to be surrounded by nature.

The great outdoors is where it’s at this season.

Whether you’re heading out for a breath of fresh air with your lockdown dog or hitting a woodland trail near you, let’s inject some style into our off-the-clock outdoor adventures.

The prospect of wearing something I love lifts my mood on a rainy, woodland walk, but for these purposes, it has to be practical too. And I have to admit, it’s an area of my wardrobe I have been working on…

5 Outdoor Essentials

1. Great Outerwear

This is essential. For mild day I wear a raincoat with a quilted liner for added warmth (which also works as a jacket on warmer days). I love Kassl Editions (in my wardrobe), Rains and Stutterheim and for a liner similar to my Anine Bing, try this.

But as the temperature drops, it’s a water resistant puffer coat. (Lucky you if you managed to snap up one of the Jil Sander for Uniglo versions).

2. Straight leg trouser or cropped jean

Essential for balancing out oversized layers on top. Go cropped to avoid muddy hems but also to show off your ankle boots.

3. Chunky statement sweater

Is anyone else enjoying reliving Princess Diana’s extensive statement knit collection in the new season of the Crown?!

It has definitely had a subtle influence on my knitwear additions of late with the introduction of more colour and an upgrade of my much loved cable knit.

But when it gets really cold, only a fleece will do.

DID YOU KNOW they are re-releasing Diana’s famous sheep jumper! If you are more of an admirer of Di’s fashion, then you can see the original jumper, along with other iconic outfits at the V&A museum.

4. Shoes for all weather

I rotate between my wellington boots and my lace ups from Ganni

5. Finishing touches

I always have a coat with a hood but as the temperatures drop I’ll add a beanie too.

What are your outdoor essentials?

Penny x

P.S. What we wear is changing… if you feel like your wardrobe is making you unhappy and it’s affecting your mindset then I can help you elevate your looks and fall back in love with your wardrobe. See what I have achieved with other clients here.


No matter where you are going, great outfits start with great basics. Find out what a good basic is and how to find it on my blog here

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