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Solutions for dressing your [ever changing] body shape, Part 2

December 18, 2020

If you missed Part 1 of this blog, you will find the link below.

I get so riled up about body shape categories, it was good to vent! 😉

Soooo let’s talk fit.

But a few things to remember before you proceed…

1. Stop identifying your body with a piece of fruit.

2. Stop concerning yourself with the number on the label… it doesn’t deserve the emotional weight it is given.

3. Choose the size that gives the best fit for your personal style. Do you like things to be oversized? Then go up a size or two. If it is clinging go up a size so it becomes elegantly close fitting. Going up a size doesn’t mean your confidence should go down. 

Here are some tips to dress your body no matter what it’s shape or size.

For Thick Waists

– Jackets will give definition

– Half tuck or French tuck your tops. The asymmetry of the hem will draw the eye in and slim

AVOID Belts, they will just make your waist look thicker

For Large Tummies

– A-line tops to skim the waist

– Front fronted skirts and trousers with thicker waist bands

AVOID Wide sleeves, they will add visual weight to your middle and torso

For Wider Hips

– Distract from a wider hip with shoulder details like a shoulder pad

– A shoe with a thicker sole or a boot will add balance

AVOID – Trousers with side pockets and carrying your bag on your hip.

For Shorter Legs

– High waisted trousers with tops tucked in will elongate

– When wearing cropped trousers match the colour of your shoe to your trouser

AVOID low waisted, wide trousers

For Bigger Arms

– Batwing styles in softer fabrics will give your arms space

– Elbow length or bracelet sleeve are the most flattering lengths

AVOID Short sleeve tops that finish at the widest point of your arm

But don’t always focus all you energy on dressing those areas you DON’T like. By highlighting those areas you love, using colour, shape and accessories you are taking visual attention away from those areas you love less. 

If you find your body shape challenging, my Senior Stylist and I are experts in dressing every unique body from size 6 to size 36. We are here to help so please get in touch… January is almost fully booked!

Penny x

P.S. You can read Part 1 on my blog here.

P.P.S I also love this that was part of the Dove Real Beauty Campaign.

Photo credit Dove

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