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3 Steps to sale shopping success

January 08, 2021

I truly believe that every purchase we make should be considered and intentional. But this concept of shopping with purpose has become even more important in our changed world.

So what pieces should you be investing in?

As we embark on sale season, I thought it would be worth dedicating my last newsletter before Christmas to helping you to set yourself some rules.

This will help you not only make the most of all those tempting discounts but also to help you avoid those items that seem like a dream but will end up in your wardrobe, never seeing the light of day!

The key to intelligent dressing is mixing high with low. We all rely on the British Highstreet for those smart-price items but when is it worth spending more?

Here is my guidance and where to splurge and where to save;

Step 1. The key to building a wardrobe with longevity is identifying those items that necessitate a big spend / designer version.

This comes down to your lifestyle and how you like to wear clothes. A Mum with young children is going to want different things from their wardrobe than a Professional with a demanding job.

Write down…What are your top 3 items you wear on repeat?

In My Wardrobe 1. Knitted Dresses, 2. knitwear, 3. Jumpsuits

Write down…What are your top 3 essentials?

In My Wardrobe 1. Coat, 2. denim, 3. flat shoes

You can never go wrong with investing in clothes you know you love to wear… but what of those items on your list could you snag a Highstreet version of?

Step 2. Your Highstreet list should be well-priced treasures that deliver on quality to pair back with your investment pieces. What the Highstreet does well…

SMART BUYS: Knitwear, of-the-moment-footwear, leisure wear, fun evening wear, trend pieces, accessories Step 3. The Golden rule to successful shopping is trying it on when you get home… and I mean the WHOLE look.

What shoes are you wearing with it?

How can you layer it for warmth?

Does it work with your coat?

You should consider returning it if you can’t make it work with existing pieces and can’t see a way of making it work in the future.

Are you planning on making any sale purchases?

Penny x

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