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Solutions for dressing your [ever changing] body, PART 1

December 11, 2020

I was listening to the Podcast of my business coach, fellow Aussie Merilyn Beretta on a walk through Hyde Park this week. She was relating running a business to a roller coaster.

And her sage advice?

To ’stop trying to get off the roller coaster’.

And as she said that I felt my whole body relax. I started to accept that the evolution of a business is not a straight line, there will be ups and downs, bumps and curves, good days and bad.

But not only that, it got me thinking about the relationship we have with our body shape.

Your relationship with your body is like being on a roller coaster; your level of confidence goes up and down depending on how you feel about your weight. And your relationship with your weight really impacts how you feel about the clothes in your wardrobe.

Your wardrobe holds so much emotion and for so many of my clients, it’s a struggle.

So how do you get off the roller coaster?

Stop trying to get off.

Yes, there are going to be months where you are at your ideal weight and your clothes fit you as they should but circumstances change and you may put the weight back on again, covid curves anyone!? Or maybe your body has changed as you have aged and you are still holding onto your 21 year old self.

Once you accept that your body is ever evolving and start taking positive action to dress to feel confident NOW you will feel a shift… you will feel more content. Instead of trying to get off the roller coaster, learn how to ride it with confidence, creatively and as Merilyn says, with fun.

If this year has taught us anything it’s that life is short!

From now on I want you to STOP….

…Buying clothes in your ideal weight in the hope you will fit into it one day

…Holding onto items in your ideal size thinking that it is going to motivate you to lose the weight. It won’t! In fact research has shown that it has the complete opposite effect. You shouldn’t feel like this. Open your wardrobe and identify the items that trigger these feelings. Remove them from your wardrobe and put them in a box or consciously discard them. Don’t hold onto these emotions, they are holding you back.

…Finding fault with your body. It is YOUR shape. Instead, I want you to write down 3 things you love about your body. It could be that you have a beautiful decolettege, nice hands and wrists, a gorgeous face, amazing hair, a peachy bum. And find ways to highlight it, whether its a great colour, shape or accessory.

Trying to fit your body into a pre-determined body shape category. It solves nothing. And who wants to be compared to a pear anyway!

Putting your style on hold. Dress your body to feel confident today, not when you have lost a few extra pounds or when you reach your ideal, NOW. Put on your favourite earrings, do your hair, wear your favourite colour, put on your favourite shoes to wear around the house. You will be amazed at the effect.

What outfit are you going to put on today to make yourself feel beautiful?


If you have lost your way with your style and need to evolve it to reflect the amazing person you are now, then get in touch.

Photo credit Dove Real Beauty, Manjur 2014

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