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How to know what’s ‘in’ and what’s ‘out’

February 25, 2020

I was doing a Style Workshop recently and talking to the group of 20 women about the importance of looking up-to-date (because looking contemporary on the outside shows that you are forward thinking and embrace change). Then a lady from the group asked me…

“But how do you know what is contemporary and what is ‘in’ and what is ‘out’?”.  

Good question.

When we are bombarded with new season trends how do we evolve our style in a way that feels authentic but also contemporary? 

Working as a personal stylist for such a variety of people with different lifestyles and priorities has taught me that no two peoples wardrobes are exactly the same. Your basics and your hero pieces should reflect your style personality and how you like to wear clothes. So what is ‘in’ for one client is not necessarily ‘in’ for the next. So here are 4 ways you can up-date your wardrobe and become your own fashion editor. 

1. Is the trend for YOU?

Just because something is deemed ‘on-trend’ doesn’t make it right for everyone. Ask yourself if it suits your unique style, bodyshape and lifestyle and pick those looks that tick all the boxes. And keep re-evaluating your style. Trends are cyclical so just because it doesn’t fit now doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it in the future. Create Pinterest boards every season to see what your eye is enjoying and buy into those trends that evolve your style in a way that feels comfortable for you. As Yves Saint Laurent stated, Fashions fade, Style is Eternal. 

2. Choose trend-less brands and focus on good quality basics. 

If you haven’t read my blog on the best trend-less brands, then click here. I shine the spotlight on brands that consistently deliver contemporary iterations of classic items that will form the back bone of your wardrobe. You will never be ‘out’ of style with high-quality essentials. 

3. Put a trend-on-trial and rent.

High-end trend items can be rented at a fraction of the retail price from rental websites. This sustainable approach to trends means that you can trial a trend to establish whether it deserves a place in your wardrobe. Head to My Wardrobe HQ pop up in Liberty or rent directly from their well curated site. 

4. Can an item be altered?

Update an item by altering it. This way you can nod to a trend and be guaranteed that the fit will be just right. Vintage pieces are the perfect canvas for bespoke alterations. Crop it, cinch it or make it sleeveless – take inspiration from current trends to give the item a contemporary feel. 

I will help you define your style and up-date your look in a way that suits you. Book a discovery call now.

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