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How to find your best basics

March 16, 2020

When life feels overwhelming and you need to simplify things, it’s time to go back to wardrobe basics.

What is the definition of a good basic?

A basic is something you wear on repeat, grounds your more attention grabbing pieces and reflects your personality. And I think this is the key, your personal essentials should never be boring. If a basic is something you wear every day and that something you wear every day has no personality, you won’t feel like yourself.

Basics are classics like a white shirt?

This is a common misconception that a basic is a tailored piece. A basic should be something that has some interest to it, something should be a bit off or interesting. It should feel modern without being trendy, a new shape that makes everything in your wardrobe feel new when you wear it in an outfit.

What about colour?

When I am finding basics for clients I stick to a neutral colour palette but find some slight interest in the shape. I look for white, cream, black, navy, grey, khaki, camel… those colours that work seamlessly together and can let more interesting and brighter colours shine.

Here are my top 5 basics

Straight Leg Denim

Striped top

Pretty white blouse

Leather trousers

Grey or Navy blazer

To build a wearable wardrobe with key basics to suit your style personality, get in touch. All my styling services are available virtually. Book a discovery call now

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