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What to wear when working from home

March 16, 2020

In light of the precautions due to the Coronavirus outbreak I wanted to dedicate some blog entries to helping you stay stylish and productive in these unusual circumstances. So if you are reading this from your kitchen table that has now become a makeshift office or you are anticipating school closures and being home bound in the next few weeks, what you wear when you are working from home still matters and affects your thinking and performance. There are many studies to support this, here is one study I read recently.

If you dress casually for the office anyway this transition won’t seem as daunting, continue to dress for work as you would for the office to keep yourself motivated and on top of it. But if you need to dress more casually and still feel pulled together (you never know when you might have to do last minute Zoom calls or video conferencing!) here are my top 5 tips;

  1. Never wear your pyjamas!

    If you have never worked from home before I understand the thrill of the idea of wearing your pyjamas all day with your favourite box set on in the background, sipping hot chocolate. But trust me this novelty will quickly wane as you start to feel demotivated. If you are dressed for bed your brain will check out!

  2. Focus on the waist up

    Avoid things that are too over sized or baggy. Not only will it get annoying when the sleeves flap as you type, but wearing something that fit’s nicely will look more polished. A well cut cashmere jumper, knitted jacket or a blouse that shows your personality work well. And when your boss texts you to jump on a last minute Zoom call, you are cool, calm and comfortably stylish.

  3. Adopt a smart casual look

    If your work environment is more formal, combine your work wear with more casual items to take the look down a notch. My favourite combinations are;

    Coloured blouse + jeans

    Well fitting cashmere + A-line or pleated skirt

    Relaxed shirt + cashmere trousers/sports luxe jogging trousers

    Silk or cashmere T shirt + wide leg trousers

  4. Dress in colours that make you feel happy

    The best way to add optimism and energy to your day is by adding colour to your outfit. Yellow is inspiring, Orange for optimism and openness and blue for serenity and focus. You know what colours make you feel good and look good so wear those close to you face for maximum benefit. If you are confused by colour choices get in touch!

  5. Maintain your grooming routine

    Research confirms that those that show they care about their appearance and wear make-up are judged as more competent and likeable. And nothing commands attention and looks more decisive than a strong red lip. But aside from this it is important to maintain normal routines to keep a positive mindset.

Learn about all my at-home styling solutions and how we can work together to digitise your wardrobe here. I have many clients over-seas that use my services virtually and they experience the same attention to detail and dedication they would receive if we were working face to face. 

Keep well and stay safe and I look forward to working with you in the future.

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