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2 fun things you can do with your wardrobe during lock down

April 26, 2020

How is your wardrobe and what have you been wearing during lock down? With these new lifestyle circumstances how is your wardrobe and style adapting and changing? It’s natural for our style and the way we express ourselves to adapt with monumental changes in the world and how we live. But I really hope you are using fashion in whatever guise as a way to inspire and uplift you.

The silver lining of this whole experience is that it’s a moment to take stock of our wardrobes, what we are wearing and how we like to wear clothes.  And by spending more time at home we now have the chance to understand how MUCH we have. It’s time to challenge ourselves and really think about what we buy, and why. Now I am dressing for myself, I am not so interested in newness but enjoying the pieces that are in my wardrobe to their full potential. 

To do this I have been doing these 2 fun exercises with my wardrobe. Try it! I want you to see your style and wardrobe with new eyes, to get excited about getting dressed now and for our reimagined future.

Here are 2 fun things you can do to help you refine your style and make the most of what you have. 

BUT before you start…

First things first, you should have all your Winter pieces stored away now and have all your Spring Summer Styles where you can see them. If you don’t have space to store out of season items elsewhere move them to the right hand side of your rail and if you can, cover them with breathable suit bags. This is important as when the time comes to take them out of the suit bags or storage you will re-discover these items and they will feel like new again. 

  1. Style on Trial

This is such a fun way to declutter! 

You can only really know whether it’s time to get rid of something if you wear it to see how you feel in it. I’ve been doing this since lock down as part of my ongoing process to buy less and better and to refine and really focus on those pieces that really make my heart sing. Follow these steps

1. If you have done your seasonal swap, rearrange your rail so the items you wear the most are left hand side then moving towards the right to the items that are least worn.  

2. The next time you get dressed choose the item from the right hand side of the rail, your least loved or worn. Outfit it and trial that style for the day. 

3. After you have spent the whole day it in ask yourself these questions;

Is this comfortable? 

Does it make you feel the way you want it to? 

Is it functional, that is, does it work with the rest of your clothes in outfits?

If you saw this in a store or online would you buy it again? 

If you saw yourself walking down the street in this would you covet it? 

If you answered yes to 3 of these questions (no one’s perfect) then it is worth keeping. If not think about donating or selling the item. Then try another outfit the next day and so on. 

I know how overwhelming it can seem to edit out your wardrobe in one go and this way you are learning to integrate the process into your everyday life so you stay consistent. Your style will constantly evolve and your relationship with your wardrobe is a journey not a destination. 

2. Game, Set and Match

Now you have decluttered, it’s time to look for new outfit possibilities. You are trying new combinations and making a list of what is missing.

A lot of the time my clients don’t need something new but a new way of seeing things. 

1. Put your clothes in 2 groups;

  1. those you love and wear all the time

  2. those items you like but don’t know how to wear. 

2. Mix those pieces you wear regularly with something you don’t know how to wear. So put on a top you wear regularly (a staple / basic) and start pairing it with all those bottoms you struggle to wear. If you find a new combination, photograph it. Start building a catalogue of looks that you can refer to and take the guesswork out of getting dressed when social distancing relaxes. 

3. Don’t over think it, be open and have fun with it. Allow yourself a good chunk of time trying different combinations and immerse yourself in the process. 

4. How many new outfit combinations did you come up with? This is my favourite thing to do with my clients… shopping in your own wardrobe!

This is also a great exercise to help you understand what is missing. Make sure you have a notebook or post it notes in your wardrobe to jot down items that are missing when you try to outfit things.

Remember don’t shop items, shop outfits! 

Did you know all my services are available virtually? If you would like to book a power hour to put new outfit combinations together with existing items then get in touch

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