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My stay at home journal

April 26, 2020

I love what I do and nothing makes me happier than helping my clients look the way they have always dreamed and to grow their confidence. But as a working woman and mother, I have had to take a small step back from my business, slow down and try and create a sense of normality and routine for my 2 kids. Home school, online exercise classes and picnics in the garden punctuate our days. 

Although my priority is enjoying these moments with the family, I am still here if you need me because I know that everyone is experiencing this world differently. Call me, message or email me. I am always happy to help. 

I also thought I would share a few things that have been helping me get through the days, things that are inspiring, uplifting and making me smile plus some comforting essentials. 

1. Organising my wardrobe…ha ha, of course I would say that! But we just moved back into our renovated house and I am enjoying re-organising and editing. The simple act of folding cashmere jumpers is hypnotic to me. For 2 fun ways to edit your wardrobe click here

2. 80s and 90s movies: I am revisiting these with the kids and it is taking me back to my childhood riding bikes around the culdesac in the Aussie sunshine. Robin Wright in Princess Bride anyone?

3. Summer Dresses: I am happiest in a dress. Here are 3 brands I have on rotation; Loup Charmant, Three Graces, Tove. These are all small businesses that need your support. If you can’t prioritise clothes right now then subscribe to their updates for inspiration into your inbox. 

4. Keeping Lists. The humble list can be so powerful… even if this list is as simple as shower, wear a great outfit, cuddle the kids, make lunch…. I can highly recommend L’art de la Liste by Dominique Loreau to inspire and declutter your mind. 

5. Cool summer slippers. I love these from Zara Home and their sleepwear is pretty good too. 

6. Dreaming of travelling here, wearing this and this.

7. Revelling at how many hours a sprinkler can entertain two kids! 

8. Any product from Batch #001 but I particularly love the bath salts and beeswax balm with prickly pear seed oil (dry hands anyone!?). Did you know I styled their latest shoot? See all the beautiful images and follow Paula on her instagram. 

9. I am still on a mission to remove as much single use plastic from my life and I found these two great websites to help me on my mission.

10. Organisation. Being organised makes you feel calmer and in control. I almost have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the John Lewis storage solution offerings and it is definitely my most visited web page since lock down. I am loving these new laundry baskets.

Stay safe and happy and get in touch ,I would love to hear how you are getting on. 

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