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Your Checklist for looking good online

April 26, 2020

We are looking at ourselves a lot at the moment… when we FaceTime our friends, when we do a live gym session, or Zoom calls for work. The image of ourselves is always there in a box on the screen looking back at us.

Are you happy with the image that is being reflected back at you or does it need some refining?  Now we have more time at home, how about dedicating this time to taking stock and experimenting to find out what works best for you when presenting online.

I think many businesses with continue to rely on video going forward so building up a few go to blouses, t-shirts or shirts and flattering colour choices that help you to feel and look like you are on top of your game, will put you one sartorial step ahead. 

Watch my Linkedin Live Panel session about how to present yourself online for my must have tips plus other great tips for lighting, voice and the right background from the panel of experts

Here is an additional checklist to keep you looking good online. 

1. Create a signature. Do you wear something that is unique to you? A scarf, cool reading glasses, a brooch or great necklaces will add to your overall look. But be careful of anything that makes a tinkling noise that can be distracting. 

2. Just because WFH looks will be more casual doesn’t mean you can’t look pulled together. A great colour, accessory or even a crisp ironed collar makes a huge difference. 

3. Maintain your standards and be consistent with your look. There is so much research about the psychological effects of changing from your sleepwear into daywear. Show up online as you would when going to the office. Your brain will thank you. 

4.  Take slippers off your feet to get your head out of bed. And trust me this will even effect how you sit in your chair. Barefoot is better, feeling grounded will help you perform better. 

5. And don’t forget to Watch the Linkedin video for more of my top tips!

All my services are virtual and as a client you get access to my online wardrobe system for free. If you would like to book a power hour to define your colouring, make the most of your wardrobe or explore your signature style, I would love to hear from you.

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