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3 hacks for defining and refining your style

June 02, 2020

As hard as it is to isolate from your family and friends, isolation gives us time to refocus, redefine and anticipate. Being home for so long can connect you to how to truly dress for yourself.

What influences your style? 

Our style choices are hugely shaped by external influences; where we live, work, social media, our friends and even our partners. While we isolate and face to face time for work and socialising is limited, it’s the perfect opportunity to consider what YOU really love and most importantly why. Your style choices become more about what is authentic to you without the outside noise. Take time out and get to the heart of how you want to look.

My 3 hacks for defining and developing your authentic style whether you are just beginning your journey or you are a seasoned style maven. 

1. What do you like visually?

ACTION: Create a Pinterest Board every season

2. How do you shop and how do you like to wear clothes?

ACTION: Keep a Diary

3. Do you really need it?

ACTION: Develop a Wishlist . 

1. Pinterest Board

All my clients do this. 

Create a Pinterest board to define what you like visually. (it shouldn’t be premeditated but instinctual). 

  1. Look for consistencies in the images. 

  2. Write down words to described the consistencies

  3. My words would be feminine, romantic, modern, fluid, languid and white.

  4. Does your wardrobe reflect this? If not start to identify key pieces that can help move your style in the right direction

2. The Fashion Diary

Start a new note book and make it beautiful (I use Papier)

You are going to use this to write down any thoughts you have about your style or your wardrobe

This is what I write in mine;

  • What I’m spending each month and on what

  • New Outfit ideas

  • Items to complete outfits

  • My style in words

  • My best styles

  • Styles to avoid

  • Seasonal wish lists

Keep this in your wardrobe with a pen. Keeping track keeps you focused and stops impulse buys! 

3. The Wishlist

  • Use the Wishlist function on your favourite fashion retail websites or try Shoptagr or Lyst to keep track of styles you love

  • When you see an item you like, put it in the Wishlist. It’s almost as satisfying as adding to basket but without the financial commitment. 

  • Then go to your wardrobe and check if it is something that is functional, can you wear it 3 ways? 

I have saved myself from so many bad buys by giving myself at least 48 hours to work out if it is a piece that will add to my wardrobe or take up valuable space and deplete my bank balance. 

Take you time with your style. It is a journey and not a destination. Consider it and curate it. And if all this fails, let me help you… get in touch! 

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