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Do I really need this? When to buy and when to wait

June 08, 2020

A wardrobe that is functional is a conscious one. Every time you think about adding an item to your wardrobe, make a conscious decision about the function of the item and what it will add to your style.

When asking yourself, do I really need this, consider these two criteria;

1. Does it satisfy a current need?

That is, does it fill a gap that isn’t currently being met by another item or does this item help you wear other clothes in your wardrobe in new and fun ways. I always try for 3 new ways. 

2. Does it push my style in a new and satisfying direction.

That is, does it add a new element to your style to update it or make it feel more contemporary. 

And I am not talking about trends here. When I consider whether to buy into a trend, I think about myself wearing that ‘must have’ item in a years time. If the idea of that doesn’t feel right, I let myself enjoy looking at other people wearing it and leave it at that. 

Let me help you build a functional and conscious wardrobe you love to wear. Get in touch now!

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