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Erdem to H&M, Is the designer price tag worth it?

September 23, 2020

Even my clients who are very relaxed about budgets still love the thrill of a highstreet piece. As fashion becomes more democratised and we enjoy mixing highstreet pieces with designer, how do we know the true value of a designer piece of clothing and is it worth it? 

Research has shown that we place more value on items that are more expensive. Meaning we wear them longer, care for them better and we feel better in them. We take on the sense of quality of the garment and we perform better in them. 

Designer clothes are more expensive for a myriad of reasons…
1. The skill that goes into creating a single piece
FUN FACT: It takes Hermes five to seven years to train the craftspeople making their leather handbags
2. The quality of the fabrication and finish
FUN FACT: Ganni has a great selection of sweaters using environmentally sustainable wool and that are hand knitted so every piece will be ever so slightly unique. 
3. The level of quality control to make sure the garment can stand the test of time
FUN FACT: Chanel had a specific room for quality control where items are tested under a variety of conditions – the bags are tested against humidity and salty air. 
4. the originality and design integrity of the garment. 

I would love to say that it also represents better pay for the garment worker and priority for reducing environmental impact but too often it doesn’t. 

Do some research into brands that match your values

– Are the garment workers on living wage? 
– Do the profits go back into development of skills and research? 
– Is the supply chain transparent? 
– Do they prioritise the environment? 

So how do we know when to buy designer over high street? This all boils down to how you like to wear clothes and what you value.

You should buy a designer piece if…
– You understand what items you wear on repeat so you get value on your investment. 
– It’s a classic piece that you will wear season after season like a great coat
– The quality of the fabric meets your expectations
– You love accessories and use them to add a quality element to your outfits
– The brand’s values match your values
– The fit highlights areas you love and disguises areas you don’t

How to shop the Highstreet…
– use it to buy into a trend especially if you are not sure if the designer item is wearable
– recognise quality in fabrications and finishes and avoid those items that won’t last more than one wash (I love COS, Arket and Jigsaw for great fabrics)
– build a list of brands that have cuts to suit your shape
– be curious and patient and don’t shop the Highstreet for a quick fix. Remember only buy if it will help make your wardrobe more interchangeable or you love it and it is taking your style in a new and satisfying direction. 

Do your research and always shop with intention regardless of whether it is designer or hight street. 


P.S. If you need help prioritising your budget and to learn how to shop more successfully then book in for a wardrobe review where I outfit your existing items and build a shopping list to take the guess work out of what to buy and from where. Email me today!

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