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2 Steps to Mastering Back-to-work dressing [And have a stress free morning!]

September 08, 2020

At the time of writing, the anticipation and excitement in our house for the new school year and returning to work is fervent!

As workplaces open up again and schools return (yay!), it’s time to re-establish our morning routine.

But whether you are returning to work or on the job hunt, what happens in the first hour of the day impacts your whole day and sets the mood and outlook.

I’m amazed at how much of our energy our wardrobes expend.

Standing in front of the wardrobe in the morning stressing about what to wear sets a negative tone for the day… and before you know it you are running late!

Feeling frustrated with our fashion desicions feels so normal, so we keep doing it becuase doing something about it feels too hard.

So what steps do we need to take to stop that perpetual cycle of decision fatigue and master back-to-work dressing? 

Step 1) Create a work capsule 
– Pack clothes you don’t wear out of sight, and keep those clothes that increase the number of work outfits you can create.

– Put together 5 outfits for the week, try them on and photograph them. (I do this on Sunday night)

– Hang them together in your wardrobe from Monday to Friday

What will help the most with having a stress-free morning every day is planning your outfits and making sure everything you have left in your wardrobe is interchangeable… in case you spill your breakfast down your top!

​There isn’t much to think about when all your clothes mix and match.​

Step 2) Establish a morning routine
I know this can be hard if you have small children in tow but if I stick to this sequence, I am ready on time! Thinking about my outfit for the day as I shower, saves me time; shower, dress, make breakfast, do makeup while eating breakfast, grab shoes, jacket, bag and go!

My client Colleen, established good habits during lock down that help her get through her very long work days; coffee, exercise, shower, makeup, dress.

Being more intentional about what you wear and how you start your day, things begin to shift inside and out.

Your day will have…

Focus… Instead of feeling like a headless chicken, you will feel more focused when you give yourself time in the morning and you feel good in what you wear

Creativity… Dressing to express yourself and your uniqueness helps to stimulate creativity and an open mind

Less Stress…When you put on an outfit you feel good in, you will forget about what you are wearing and bring that confidence and positivity into your daily interactions.

Let me know how you get on with this technique. If you are still struggling to define a strong work image and are overwhelmed by your wardrobe then book a discovery call today!

Penny x

P.S. Don’t forget to download your FREE GUIDE on the exact number of outifts you should have in your wardrobe so you can get clarity on how many work outfits you actually need. And keep those ‘biggest challenge’ emails coming. It helps me to help you further!

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