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Don’t have time for your wardrobe? Try these easy tips.

September 08, 2020

I know how precious your time is. Before my clients come to me, the thought of dedicating time to their wardrobes is not high on their prority list.

BUT they have a very strong WHY which motivates them to do something about it. And they always wished they had done it sooner.

Great wardrobes take time and effort.

You probably don’t want to hear that and you may even resent it!

Just because we get dressed every day doesn’t mean we are going to be good at it. Just because we need to eat to survive doesn’t make us michelin starred chefs!

Find some time with these 3 easy tips

Grab your phone, you need to make some quick notes…

1. Find your WHY
We make time for what is important to us.

What’s your WHY?

WRITE IT DOWN – Working on your wardrobe/style is important to you because…

You want to look great for your age

You want your morning routine to be less stressful

You don’t want to feel frustrated/overwhelmed/stressed anymore

You want to dress like the person you know you are

You want to get out of a style rut and dress with more creativity.

You want to highlight your figure, not disguise it.

You want to feel more confident at work

2. Focus on one step at a time

Don’t even think about shopping yet!

We need to focus on what you have and why it works or doesn’t.

There are 3 stages to detoxing your wardrobe;
1. Editing – removing the items you KNOW aren’t working. Those pieces don’t need your energy or your time. Sell, donate or recycle.

2. Organising – Use your space effectively. Use the same hangers throughout. Your mind will feel clearer if you are looking at a tidy wardrobe.

3. Outfitting – Mix your ‘essentials’ with the ‘how to wear’ pile. Put a timer on and give yourself 20 minutes to put together two new outfits. Challenge yourself and make four.

WRITE IT DOWN – “I am going to give myself 20 minutes a day/week to get clarity on my wardrobe starting with editing/organising/outfitting.”

3. Get it in the calendar
Scheduling time makes it real…

Once a day or once a week, it doesn’t matter, but keep momentum.

WRITE IT DOWN: open your calendar and schedule it in. I like Sunday nights or Monday nights.

I know these strategies will help you but if you would like to find out how I can I evolve your style and wardrobe in just 1.5 days, then get in touch!

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