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Getting out of a style rut [5 Easy Steps]

September 08, 2020

We humans hate change, don’t we!

Even if where we are now isn’t really working, we suffer through it because the idea of having to ‘change’ is too overwhelming/scary/requires effort. So we get caught a rut.

The same can happen with your style. You stay ‘comfortable’. You are not motivated. And staring at the wardrobe won’t change it.

Step 1.

Recognise this happens to everyone! It happens to me EVERY year in January and sometimes February and sometimes both!

Step 2.

Go back to your WHY. Why your style and what you wear are important to you and connect with it. Think of a time you were complimented on what you were wearing and hold onto that feeling.

Step 3.

Switch it up. If you are a jeans girl, try a denim skirt. If you love a t-shirt, try a white shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Small changes are good, like the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Step 4.

Get inspired. If what you have in your wardrobe isn’t making your heart sing, find out what is.

  • Put together a Pinterest board, make it private, it is only for you

  • Call it something fun and inspirational… ‘These are tomorrow’s outfits’, ‘Fix Up, Look Sharp’, ‘My classic style but with teeth’

  • Put on some good music and grab a nice drink. Get pinning those looks that you really love, regardless of whether you think they will work for your shape or not.

  • Pick 3 consistencies. Write it down. For example, cool sunglasses, high waisted looks, prints. Do you have those in your wardrobe? Can you put a new spin on them using the Pins for inspiration?

Step 5.

Be curious. Instead of listening to fear that tells you you can’t do something or that you can’t wear something because your mum said it didn’t suit you or you think it’s only for someone with a certain body type – choose to experiment and learn what is really true and what is best for you. Trust me, there is always a way.

And remember, your rut won’t disappear overnight. But I promise you, if you remember these 5 things, you will be fall back in love with your style.

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