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How to pick trends with longevity

March 11, 2021

Anyone else dreaming of a long, hot summer? Although I’m not letting myself entertain the idea of a summer full of travel to far-flung places just yet, I am letting myself dream of what I will be wearing in 4-5 months time.

My wishlists on my favourite websites are filling up with diaphanous dresses, pretty prints and slip-on slides.

So what is going to be on trend for Spring Summer 21? And which trends to invest in and which to ignore?

Trends or the idea of changing your look regularly has have existed since 14th Century when the upper echelons of society would rotate their fashions to display wealth and status. Now trends are a reflection of what is going on in the world socially, economically and politically.

The fact of the matter is, Fashion as an industry wouldn’t survive without them but should you buy into this idea of changing your look every season?

Whether you are just starting to work out your own style or you have a strong sense of style that always has a personal spin on it, any trend or evolution of your style must feel authentic.

Trends are providing you with fresh choices and you should never feel pressured or inadequate if a magazine or influencer deems something to be ‘out’. It may be ‘out’ for them but it may be ‘in’ for you.

When you put something on it should make you feel like yourself and if your best self is creative, approachable and curious then let your clothes say that about you.

[If you missed the newsletter when I was talking about your 3 identity words for your Confidence Card, you can read it here.]

Don’t rely on the trend items to do that, to talk about who you are to people, it means every two years you will be changing your style probably for someone else benefit.

If you like the idea of something, sit on it. If the more you think about it, the more you enjoy the idea, then try it. If it feels like a natural evolution to your style then go for it! It may feel strange at first but then it will feel normal and eventually, inevitable.

More than ever we need fashion to inspire and invigorate. But it should never dictate.


Take your 3 identity words and choose 3 brands that really resonate with you.

For Example, this is the label Vince’s modus operandi….”Vince creates elevated yet understated collections that are inspired by the brand’s Californian origins. The Designs embody a feeling of warmth and effortless style that approach dressing with a sense of ease”.

➡️What is it about the pieces that you like and pay attention to how they style it. ➡️For some of you picking 3 will be challenging but the more focused and specific you can be about your true aesthetic and what you want from your style, the easier dressing will be.

Understand what you are drawn to and focus

Let me know how you get on!

Penny x

P.S. If you find this idea of developing your style confusing, daunting or overwhelming then I will coax you out of your comfort zone and evolve your style in a way that feels authentic and inspired. Get in touch to find out how we can work together so you feel like the best you.

Photo credit: Massimo Dutti

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