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The Right Way to Try on Clothes in the World of Online Shopping

February 09, 2021

I’m getting restless and I don’t like it.

When I start to get restless, bored and emotional, I start hating my wardrobe. Then my brain goes into emotional panic mode and I start losing my methodical approach to shopping and start thinking that a quick hit of newness is going to solve all my problems. (Spoiler, it won’t!)

Sound familiar? 

[Actually ‘Lockdown Fatigue‘ is a thing. The number of UK shoppers heading out to retail outlets last week rose by 9%]

Let’s just say that you give into these feelings.

You find something you ‘like’ or multiple things you like and you order it on same day or next day delivery because you need it now even though you are not going anywhere.

It arrives and you try it on…

You are still in your pyjamas and barefoot but that doesn’t matter as long as you can see that it fits then that is good enough. You take the tags off feeling good about your successful shopping adventure and you hang it up in your wardrobe.

Job done right? 


You skipped the most important part of the online shopping process….


If you try on a pair of trousers barefoot with a pyjama top on, then it is unlikely that you will get a realistic idea of how the clothes will really look and function for you. 

So what is the right way to try on clothes in the world of online shopping?

➡️ STEP 1. The FFF Test

Or the Fit For Function Test. Where are you wearing it?

If you want to wear it casually it needs to go with trainers or flat shoes or at least your most comfortable shoes! If it doesn’t and it only looks good with heels, it then becomes limiting and potentially not fit for function.

TOP TIP: Try on the item with shoes so that you know what the complete look will be and whether it fits that function of your life or potentially multiple functions.

➡️STEP 2. The Triple Threat Test

An item is a Triple Threat if it can be worn to three different types of activity OR it can be outfitted in three different ways with existing items in your wardrobe.

TOP TIP: Only try on items when you have 20 minutes to allocate to outfitting it with your existing wardrobe. If you have to buy more items to make it work then it needs extra consideration. Is the additional investment worth it?

And make sure you photograph it so you remember all the ways you can wear it. Start building up a catalogue of looks. This will take away that decision making process from your day.

As ever, I love to hearing how you get on.


P.S. If you are ready to hit reset on your wardrobe, then let’s book a discovery call and have a virtual drink, so I can share with you the best course of action to achieve your wardrobe goals so you love the way you look everyday. 

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