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Is what you see, what you get?

January 14, 2021

I don’t feel like it’s a new year… do you?

As we find ourselves hunkering down for another round, getting ourselves back into the swing of WFM and juggling home school, making the usual new year resolutions feels too ambitious.

I’m finding myself just focusing on each day as it comes… and making sure I don’t run out of hot chocolate!

So instead of resolutions, I’m making daily distractions. I’m doing small but impactful things to make a difference to my mood and mindset. [Try matching your nail colour to your trousers… it is deeply satisfying!]

The most important thing I’m doing for myself is dressing to feel like me.

University of Hertfordshire did some research on the correlation between what you wear and your confidence levels. 96% of participants agreed that what they wear affects how confident they feel and how confident they feel affects what they wear.

By understanding who we are on the inside and accepting where we are, creates a solid foundation for moving forward.

And I know SO many of you are feeling like this too. After a year of wearing sweats you have almost forgotten who you are, what you love or how to wear all those beautiful clothes you neglected in 2020.

And I can’t wait to go on this journey with you whether it’s via my weekly newsletter or my one to one consultations

So where do we start?

First we discover who we are THEN what we need.


⭐️ For today’s Daily Distraction I want you to think of 3 words that identify who you are and write them down.

This is your Confidence Card. Keep it in your wardrobe.

My 3 words are…. creative, curious, approachable

⭐️ For tomorrow’s Daily Distraction I want you to do a wardrobe assessment. Pick up an item you haven’t worn recently and put it on. Read out your three words on your Confidence Card… does the external match the internal?

➡️If it does, perfect, that is keeper and something you should wear to feel more you. Keep replicating that. ➡️If it doesn’t, what can you do to change it into something better and more you?

Have you noticed how your clothes change your mindset?

Penny x

P.S. I love getting to the heart of how my clients want to look and translating that into a wearable wardrobe that reflects who they are and makes them feel great. Book a discovery call to find out all the ways I work with my clients and how we can work together too.

Photo credit; Picasso’s A Girl Before A Mirror

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