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Trend Shopping Decoded [What To Buy & What Not To Buy]

October 21, 2022

I saw a post on Leandra Medine Cohen’s instagram feed of her wearing knee high boots and denim shorts with this caption…

‘I used to think I hated knee high boots but they were just…out of fashion. Trends are a funny expression of the minds malleability”

And she’s right… when before you think you couldn’t go there, suddenly you start seeing it in the shops and on people in the street… and you find yourself liking it and you think… why not me?

But before you start reaching for your credit card, and adding another item to your wardrobe, let’s make sure it passes stringent testing.

I want you to answer YES to these three questions before you press ‘purchase’;


Can you imagine yourself wearing it this time next year?


That means wearable and it works with other things in your wardrobe?

3. Is it YOU

Does it really suit you/ fit in with your style DNA?

In Leandra’s case what we are talking about here are knee high boots… and very specifically flat boots with a wider shaft.

Super functional. As in, she will wear it… a lot

And this is key!

Yes, you are going to buy things that you feel don’t make complete sense or why you like them doesn’t make complete sense but if it makes you smile and is still utterly wearable and grounded, then it will make you feel alive.

Fashion and Functional coexisting happily… it’s the sweet spot.


P.S. If you want to bring the fun back into your wardrobe in a very wearable way then Nadyia, Sophia and I can help you with that! Fill in the questionnaire here or email us here.

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