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5 things every woman should have in their wardrobe [and it’s not a white shirt]

October 14, 2021

This was a conversation I recently had with my husband…

Him: What are you up to today?

Me: I’m prepping for my shopping appointment at Harvey Nichols

Him: Surely you know every piece of clothing in that store by now… why do you have to prep every time?

I’ll tell you why…

👌 Because every women is unique…

Whether it is sizing, colouring, lifestyle, wardrobe needs, location or how they like to wear their clothes… think of it like a puzzle where every piece has its own unique shape… it is my job to fit all those puzzle pieces together.

So when I read those articles that say ’The 10 must have items every women needs’, I do smile.

🌟 The fashion industry doesn’t peddle these ideals out of bad will but to satisfy peoples need to make dressing and shopping simple and ultimately to make it quick.

There is no magic formulae or cookie cutter approach that will lead you to wardrobe nirvana. [And if there was, I would be out of a job! And I like my job, thank you 😂]

Unfortunately a satisfying wardrobe cannot be reduced to a list of generic items. [Oh and by the way, on last count I had 8 white shirts in my wardrobe which I have not worn this year].

BUT a satisfying wardrobe can be built around these 5 things


something that makes you feel interesting… the unique you.


something that makes getting dressed in the morning easy (but you still feel great!).


something that keeps you warm but looks stylish.

4. COOL…

something on your feet that is comfortable but still cool.


something that can take you from desk to dinner.

As I keep saying, style is about knowing yourself and what makes YOU feel great!

What are your must-haves?

Penny x

P.S. If it takes you longer than you want to get ready in the morning and you always end up coming back to the same old boring combinations, then Nadyia, Sophia and I can help. This is completely normal by the way and it doesn’t have to be be like this. call us here or fill in the questionnaire here and we can make dressing fun again.

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