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Find Shoes Tricky? Let Me Help

September 30, 2022

The motivation for writing about shoes this week is purely selfish… it is a part of my wardrobe that has been neglected!

I’m on my feet all day so I’m focusing on walkable styles and in particular [my favourite shoe]… the boot.

I also wanted to highlight some great independant designer shoe brands, most with palatable mid range price points.

👢 Lace-up or Combat Boot

How to wear – looks great under straight leg or cropped jeans and will help your dresses and skirts feel more casual when worn with tights.

👢 Rubberised Boot

How to wear – New iterations that won’t look out of place in urban environments can also work with dresses and skirts. The perfect wet weather option.

👢 Chelsea Boot

How to wear – The classic chelsea has gone chunky this season, Wear them with oversized sweaters, long line cardigans and oversized coats to create balance

👢 Cowboy Boot

How to wear – It’s back BUT it is refined and not at all costumey. Defined by its cuban heel, opt for minimal details on the shaft if you are wanting something more versatile and classic and look for piping and pull straps for something more bohemian. I love this style with skirts and dresses or cropped trousers as it feels less predictable then wearing with denim.

👢 Knee High Boot

How to wear – The perfect partner for midi skirt, dresses or with long line leather or wool shorts. But I also love the wider shaft versions over jeans.

👢 Over the Knee Boot

How to wear – I hate wearing tights so these keep me warm when wearing dresses and skirts. If you want to avoid the Pretty Woman connotation then make sure your hem is longer than the top of the boot.

🛍 Where to buy…

Highstreet… Jigsaw, Arket, COS, & Other Stories

Mid Range Designer…ATP Atelier, Essen the Label, Flattered, Ayede, Porte and Paire

🚨 Top Tips

✅ You will need to consider the colour of your tights if opting for anything other than black boots. To make it easier opt for a boot with black details, like the sole, some stitching or elastic that will help to pull the black tights together with your outfit.

✅ Consider the height… you don’t want a break of skin between the hem of your trousers/skirt/dress and the shoe. No. No. [Unless its a short skirt or short shorts]

✅ If you are worried about your ankles, size of feet or if you want to appear taller darker colours are better.

⭐️ If you had to pick one…The style I wear the most is the lace-up combat. It works with jeans, skirts, trousers, dresses, jogging bottoms… they are the go anywhere boot.

Which ones are on your wish list?

Penny x

P.S. In my Style Club I share everything you need to know about what shoe goes with what. Join now!

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