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Should You Buy Something In Every Colour?

November 23, 2021

I’m wearing a top today I love that I wish I had bought in the other colour.

😍 I love it because…

1. It goes with all my bottoms. It is versatile.

2. It is a basic that isn’t basic… that is, I don’t feel boring when I wear it.

{shows my style} + {effortless} + {versatile} = fashion heaven

When you find something that suits you and makes dressing simple, it feels so good!!

🧐 BUT is it a sign you should buy it in every colour?

OR Are you repeat buying because you are stuck in a rut?

Let’s be clear… decision fatigue is a real thing. When we’re forced to continuously make decisions about what clothes to buy and wear, its saps our mental energy for other more meaningful tasks.

I’m NOT saying that what you wear shouldn’t feel meaningful and nuanced…it should! You will feel more purposeful and more like yourself when you are wearing something that is YOUR style.

🌟But if you have forgotten what that is, you will be using more mental energy when shopping and that is when the decision fatigue sets in and we resort back to buying what we know, in every colour, because we are overwhelmed.

TRY THIS… Instead of buying the same thing in a different colour…

👖 If you really like a particular pair of jeans. Rather than buying them in every colour, look what other shapes that same brand is doing. Give yourself time to get used to how different shapes look on your body. This way, you’ll stay consistent in your style without getting bored.


Does the other colour have the same versatility?

If you only wear neutrals and then buy the same thing in bright pink, it will stand out hanging in your wardrobe. You will find it harder to style, and it could end up not getting a lot or any wear.

Does it help you to wear your clothes in a new ways?

If the black works with the same items as the navy, you don’t need it, you will get bored.

Are their items in your wardrobe that you have in multiples that you love?


P.S. I have something very special coming that is going to help you with ALL of this. 22.02.22 🥳

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