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So Who Uses A Personal Stylist?

January 12, 2022

This is a common conversation I have when I tell people what I do…

Them: “So what do you do?”
Me: “I’m a Personal Stylist”
Them: “Wow you get to shop all day! You must have REALLY rich clients and I bet they are prima donnas”
Me: [inner eye roll but outward smile] “Well actually, no….”

There is a common misconception around who uses and needs a personal stylist.

My clients are NOT
❌ Billionaires
❌ Vacuous individuals who spend money for a hobby
❌ Self important
❌ Narcissistic
❌ Celebrities with an entourage
❌ People who have no style or understanding of themselves

My clients ARE entrepreneurs, mothers, agents, IT professionals, lawyers, TV execs, nurses, doctors and philanthropists.

My clients ARE
✅ Self respecting
✅ Curious
✅ Value evolution
✅ Confident (but may not have style confidence)
✅ Want to show the world what they are made of
✅ Understand the power of image

So if you are…
⭐️ busy and don’t have time to plan and outfit your wardrobe
⭐️ wanting to find your true style and express it authentically
⭐️ have lost your way after prioritising a family or a had a life change and want to reconnect with your style
⭐️ wanting to step up at work and dress the way you want to be perceived

🎉 Then YOU are my client. And Nadyia’s client and Sophia’s client.

Come into my world…world

You will wish you did it sooner!


P.S. Something VERY exciting is coming (22.02.22)

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