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Style That Works 9am To 9pm

February 24, 2022

What does post covid dressing look like now?

Although covid slowed us down, ironically post covid has given us a greater variety of situations which we have to dress for.

A consistent theme when I’m shopping is clients wanting pieces that are going to give them 9am-9pm style.
➡️ Which means I am allocating most of their budget on items that can take them from desk to dinner.

🤓 Pop Quiz…
Who is the smarter shopper?

Shopper A: Finds a dress on the sale rail reduced from £1000 to £250. The dress fits like a glove but is a shiny fabric in a colour that she hasn’t really worn before and has a large split on the front. Shopper A doesn’t have anywhere to wear it… yet, nor can she think of what colour shoe would go with it but who can resist a saving of £750.00?!


Shopper B: Finds a pair of trousers from The Row for £1000. Wide and slouchy with side pockets and an elasticated waist, she is going to wear them with trainers and an oversized jumper on the school run and will be comfortable when sitting at her desk when WFH. She will also wear them into work with a printed blouse and a loafer and she is planning on wearing them out to dinner with a leather shirt and a heeled boot. The tropical wool fabric means Shopper B can wear the trousers 10 months of the year too.

Who is the better shopper???

If you choose A, go back to the start, do not collect £200 and read my blog here

If you choose B, well done, these newsletters are doing their job!

⭐️ The smart shopper understands that the value of an item of clothing is not its price tag BUT its functionality…

✅ can you wear it 9am to 9pm

✅ can you wear it most months of the year

For items I love that work from 9am to 9pm click here

Do you have 9am to 9pm style?


P.S. If the answer to that question is an unequivocal ‘NO’ then let us help you build a wardrobe that is functional, fun and freeing!! Fill in a questionnaire here or email us here OR get on the waislist for the next launch of my Style Club

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