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4 Ways To Update Your Classics

February 19, 2021

I was wearing a Breton knit on Sunday and felt a bit, blah.

I do love a “From Brittany” stripe in all its forms…

it’s a stylish classic, right?

Brought to the public consciousness by Coco Chanel, made sexy by Brigitte Bardot and elevated to cool by Kurt Cobain. It has a (in)credible track record.

But if a Breton is a tried-and-true wardrobe essential, what happens when that classic item in your wardrobe starts to feel stale, boring or predictable? {You write a blog about it!}

Classics are dependable items you can wear all year round but as we evolve as people and revitalise our style, those classics need to evolve with us.

So how do we do that?

At a very base level, it’s not what you wear but how you wear it.

As Walt Disney said… There is no magic in magic. It is all in the details.

Adding new life to these perennial favourites by styling them with newer pieces or rethinking their charm.

That is….Making them feel modern.

4 ways to make something feel modern

  1. ➡️ Proportions: One of my favourite brands for modern classics, Totême adds an over-sized sleeve, a wide silhouette and a flattering side slit. A Breton for the modern woman.

  2. ➡️ Fabric mix: Smooth with textured, shiny with matt, flat with fluffy… you get the idea. Opposites attract. A leather blazer over the aforementioned Totême sweater for example.

  3. ➡️ Jewellery: If you missed my update from last week about jewellery, read this first. Add one of my new favourites to your trusty Breton for an instant redux.

  4. ➡️ Shoes: Shoes can really update (or date). Instead of the predictable ballet flat why not try a new shape or a backless style for some ‘I just slipped these on’ nonchalance.

You can see all my recommendations here.

🤔 You may be sitting there thinking, but Penny, a Breton is not a classic for me!

And yes that is totally possible! One woman’s black cardigan is another woman’s black blazer.

If something is part of your style DNA it will work. But I think that is for another day.

How can you update your classic items?


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Photo credit: Vogue

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