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New Jean Shapes

May 18, 2021

I met my stylish friend, Sarah for a walk this week. We share a mutual love of fashion and are usually talking about our latest purchases or lust-after pieces that are on our wish lists. 

But this week the fashion conversation fell a bit flat. 

It went a bit like this..  

P: Have you bought anything lately?

S: No, have you?

P: No.

S: Truth is I don’t know what to buy. We just don’t know what the world is going to be like over the next few months or even if we will get a holiday.

So what is worth buying when you need an injection of newness that will help evolve your style when there is still uncertainty?

🌟 You buy Elevated Basics

[Or Fashion Forward Fundamentals. I can’t decide which term I like better…what do you think?]

Regardless of what it’s called, it’s those pieces you wear on repeat but a version of it that offers a new take.

A not so basic basic. It’s practical but we also want it to be fun. We need more fun!

We all wear denim, right? So if a pair of jeans is a wardrobe basic/ fundamental it’s worth investing in a new shape / iteration for next season because you know regardless of what is going on in the world you are going to get wear out it. Therefore it’s a sound investment.

So what’s new in denim right now?

1. Curve

Want to add a bit of drama? Then the curve feels sophisticated but interesting. I have the pair from Toteme in my basket but I also love Tibi’s version and Agolde.

2. Wide

Victoria Beckham has delivered the most perfect wide leg jeans. Zara has a great wide, full leg jean in 4 washes.

3. Straight Relaxed

The Lana by Agolde ticks all the boxes and I am looking forward to the restock of the Khaite Danielle jeans. For something with stretch, The Teagan from J Brand

What’s your favourite?

You can see my favourites here.


Photo credit: Fashionista

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