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5 Jewellery Brands You [Probably] Haven’t Heard Of

February 10, 2021

I am really drawn to jewellery right now simply because of what it does when I wear it or look at it. The gentle way the precious metal reflects light onto the skin is not only flattering but feels optimistic.

Jewellery makes a subtle but important impact on your outfit and at the moment, it is the small things that are making the biggest difference. I also love jewellery’s ability to make something feel instantly modern and personal.

Just some notes on styling…

❄️In Winter when we are wearing so much texture like knitwear opt for precious metals or something reflective like resin. Otherwise the piece will get lost and look insignificant.

🐚 In Summer when we wear lighter fabrics that are more tightly woven and it is generally sunnier, play around with jewellery that has texture like woven styles or ceramic to create more interest.

Jewellery feels like a good investment when there is so much uncertainty in the world so if you’re wanting to update your look with more contemporary pieces, it doesn’t necessarily have to cost the earth.

In fact, there have never been more labels offering fun and interesting pieces at affordable prices. Here are my favourite 5…

1. Completed Works – I am considering getting my ears pierced because I love this brand so much

2. Charlotte Chesnais – The Colours Collection is my favourite and I am coveting the colours wave rings and earrings (I think I really have to get my ears pierced!)

3. All Blues – unapologetically clean-lined, cool and the right amount of chunky. From Stockholm, naturally.

4. Timeless Pearly – If summer holidays are cancelled this year, I will wear these around my garden and pretend I am anywhere else. Playful and bright.

5. Bea Bongiasca – Italian pieces of wearable art

🌟 You can see all my favourites here. 

Have you discovered any new favourite jewellery brands?


P.S. I know how many of you are looking forward to refreshing your style and are wondering about when to book in. I am taking bookings from 23rd March for in-person consultations so book your date in now with myself or Sophia. We will of course adapt to government guidelines should the situation change.

I also have something I am launching that will help you get on track in the interim… stay tuned.

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