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Do This 1 Thing Before You Hit The Shops In April

March 17, 2021

Bookings for Personal Shopping and Styling appointments for when the shops reopen in April are coming in thick and fast!

The announcement about us resuming some sort of normality has made us all feel so giddy with excitement! I know how many of you are ready to emerge from lock down better dressed and I cannot wait to transform your wardrobes and style them in real time. 

BUT let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

You need to do this 1 thing before you hit the shops next month…

➡️ Shop in your own wardrobe first!


I never shop with someone unless I have seen their wardrobe first?


Because a lot of the time all it takes is another eye to recognise the potential of your wardrobe and spark some new ideas. And when you start to wear your existing items in different ways, this is when the magic happens. You feel like your wardrobe has expanded, without the need to buy anything.

So while we remain in our homes and no-one is looking, I want you to get playful.

We all fall in a rut of only wearing our clothes in one way. So here is my challenge for you…

✏️ Challenge

For the next 5 days I want you to put together 5 new combinations including shoes! These are outfits for your real life not just your lock down life. And photograph them.

Over the next few weeks, give yourself the opportunity to play around in your wardrobe and try new combinations. The more time you spend playing and planning (don’t forget to take notes!), the more versatile your wardrobe will be and you will be less likely to waste money on clothes you don’t REALLY need.

Let me know how you get on!


P.S. If you don’t feel confident doing this alone, it is worth booking a styling session, which can even be done virtually. Let’s chat… book a discovery call today.

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