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Why taking an outfit photo [every day] will improve your style

March 22, 2021

​Virtual hands up if you can relate to this scenario… 🙋‍♀️

You’re getting dressed for your video meeting, you pick something to wear that you like and look in the mirror… Yes, that works you think to yourself. You do your hair and make-up, essential for appearing pulled together onscreen and you are pleased with your efforts.

You log into the call and turn your camera on.

You look back at yourself on camera only to be… disappointed.

Thoughts run through your head…

Gosh, this colour makes me look really tired… this neckline really doesn’t do me any favours… is my neck really that short… actually this makes me look really frumpy.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror it’s hard for us to take in the whole picture and our response is more subjective. We are more likely to look at the area of our body we don’t like and focus on it.

But when you look at yourself from a camera’s perspective, either on Zoom or a photo, you are forced to take in your whole self, as others would see you. In analysing the overall look, the photo allows you to see quickly what elements work and what don’t. At the same time you can detach yourself from those feelings about areas of your body that cloud your judgment.

One of my recent Elevate Hour clients, Tina, puts it like this….

“It was a really useful exercise! You will have to carve the time out, but it is worth the effort because seeing pictures of yourself one after the other, you can see immediately the things that worked well, things that had potential and things that definitely had to go”.

Other reasons why taking photos will help you improve your style

🌟It helps you fill in the gaps in terms of what is missing in the look

🌟As you build up a catalogue of looks, it saves you time getting dressed in the morning

🌟You can quickly identity those styles that you rely on, your fashion fundamentals, which helps you make educated decisions on what to invest in going forward.

🌟Helps you re-discover your style, the image might spark another idea or give you a hint on what you could do next time


You don’t need to photograph all your wardrobe in one sitting. Just start making a habit of photographing your outfits every day and save them in one place, photo folder or Pinterest for example.

Keep a note book and pen in your wardrobe so you can start building a targeted list of items that are going to help make your wardrobe more functional and evolve your style.

Let me know how you get on!


P.S. What’s it like to work with me? Here is some feedback I got this week. “Thank you so so much for all your help and advice. I am delighted with my new wardrobe. Can’t wait to be out in the world again to show it all off!”

Book a discovery call here and find out what you could achieve. I can’t wait to hear from you.

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