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[Confession Time! ] The 1 Mistake I Always Make With My Wardrobe

March 29, 2021

​I’m really good, I mean really good at buying beachy and summery dresses for myself and my fantasy life. 

My wardrobe is amazingly practical for my former life as a beach-inhabiting, summer-lovin Sydneysider.  But I live in London (and have done for 21 years!) 

So why do I always put energy into a part of my wardrobe that takes up such a small (and at this point minuscule!) proportion of my life? Why do I spend money on something that very often ends up sitting in a draw with the tags on for the majority of the year? 

🧐 Why do we buy clothes for the life we want, not the life we have?

It’s easy to see why we end up with a wardrobe that is designed for your ideal life and not your real one… because there are certain things you love to buy more than others!

I really love that process of buying a dress and dreaming about where I am going to wear it… it takes me away from my every day and distracts me from the daily routine of school run, workout, zoom, zoom and more zoom.

It takes more planning and discipline to buy things you really need instead of your jet setting, martini drinking fantasies. But I know WHY I do this so that helps me re-focus on satisfying the needs of my real life wardrobe too.

🌟 So repeat after meYour ideal wardrobe is one that helps you feel confident, look great and tackle your day with ease.

As my lovely client Rowan said on our recent Elevate Hour video consultation, “Don’t defer the pleasure, just wear stuff that makes you feel great!”.

✏️ What to do next…

Step 1: Pick a function of your lifestyle (WFH or weekends with small kids etc)

Step 2: Put together 5 outfits that give you pleasure BUT are also very practical

Step 3: Photograph them

Step 4: Are there any obvious gaps? Are your trainers looking a bit worse for wear? If you seem to live in trainers and are bored, what could be a good practical shoe alternative?

Step 5: Buy now, wear now! And don’t save things for best.

If you are bored, I hear you! Let me help you get clarity on your wardrobe; how to wear it, what you REALLY need and where to find it. Book a discovery call today!

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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